Thursday, June 12, 2014

Emotions running RAMPANT!

Good morning all!

You don't have to tell me that it's been a while, I know and I'm sorry I left y'all hanging... A lot has changed and been realized in the months I've been MIA.

  1. I'm such an emotional eater: I used to think that I only ate when I was sad, but I kind of use it as comfort for everything. I could be celebrating and think "let's grab a bite" or "this calls for ice cream!" Doesn't matter my mood I always seem to find a way to incorporate food. 
  2. Depression is real: Man, can it knock u off your game! I've had moments of not wanting to do anything, it took too much effort to even hit the alarm some days.
  3. Stress has many levels: Now I've had good stress that's helped me achieve goals I didn't think were attainable, but lately the stress I've been experiencing is nothing but EVIL! Gotten so stressed at times, I've been physically sick and had migraines.
  4. Change happens, as does life: Self explanatory, a lot of times I walked around content with where I was in life... I wasn't trying challenge or better myself/situations. These past 3 months have been eye opening for me as to the possibilities I actually have. 

 So... In April I moved over 100 miles closer to family and friends, I love it! At the same time I miss my old work family, they were such an awesome and inspiring group of people to spend time with. I started a new job that can be very stressful, but I do see advancement opportunity and have learn great skills in the short 2 months that I've been here. While I haven't really been taking care of my health as I should I did decide to change up one thing about myself, my hair! I went to a professional Coletti Starks and had it cut, she worked wonders... I went into her shop with 3 pictures of style I like and she made it happen!

The best part of dealing with all the changes and stress that I've been through in such a short time is the end result. I've opened the door for new experiences and people in my life!