Hello Cruel World!!!

I figured I'd take this time to tell the WHOLE WORLD a little bit about me, Heather J.!

Right now I'm at a point in my life where I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do for the next probably 30 years... Yea, I know I'm a little late since I'm almost 30! I grew up always being optimistic, thinking everything was going to be perfect and go exactly as planned my life to be BUT BOY WAS I NAIVE... Moving out of my parents house at 19 helped to snap me in to reality quickly! Between working 2 jobs, struggling to pay monthly bills, and friends disappearing when times were tough I learned fast that it's not all GLITTER and UNICORNS, ha.

Now, 10 years later here I am. Sharing with family, friends, and complete strangers the struggles, joy, success, and failures that I face in life.  This, writing IS my outlet and always has been but was just something private I would do for myself to help vent. I'll probably be sharing some early writing from my teenage years, I'm sure will amuse many people including myself.

With that said, WELCOME to my world!

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