Friday, December 21, 2012

Days 9 & 10


There wasn't much to tell for days 9 and 10, so I just did a short video recap. I'm FINALLY 100% back on track for the past couple of days just in time to be challenged with a Christmas dinner in a few days! I've really been trying to make sure I get my gallon of water in since it keeps me full and is just healthy for me overall.

The hardest part for me doing round 2 of HCG hasn't been the diet itself, but not having my husband is a my BIGGEST support here to motivate me to keep going strong. This is where the emotional eating has come in since I'm having to adjust to something I have never dealt with... living alone! One thing I have realized though is that my family is just a phone call away if I need a pep talk or even just to hear a friendly voice. **They are also just a short drive away**

Last night I was a little down in the dumps again, but got an unexpected text from my big sis telling me that my nephews wanted to Skype with me. I didn't realize how much seeing their cute little faces would change my mood and perk me up so much! This really is what family is for, that shoulder to lean on when I need it the most. Thanks!!

* The colors are of the school my husband and I met at (NSU)*

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Days 7 & 8

I really need a reality check or to shake myself. Lately I've been in a little "funk" and can't seem to get out and it's affecting my progress. The past few days I have cheated here and there... on day 6 I had a gyro with EXTRA tzatziki sauce on it and on day 7 I had lots of sweet tea :( It's almost like I'm knowingly sabotaging myself! I know it's wrong before I do it, but at those moments I didn't care. Hopefully I will get in together in the next 4 days so I won't totally disappoint myself and everyone else with low numbers since I'm weighing in about 4 days.

These next few days I know I need to come up with some ideas to keep my mind occupied so I won't bee so down in the dumps all the time. The only good news I have is that I've gotten my water intake up. Another difference in moving is that I no longer have access to workout equipment for free and I'm kind of scared to walk around outside by myself now that I'm not on base. I keep saying I'm going to go join the gym but haven't done it yet. So, I guess I'll make that one of my top priorities today and to get in a workout.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Days 5 & 6

So, I keep falling asleep before I get the chance to blog at night... Oh well... I might have to just keep doing these 2 day reviews, it's not like I have a lot of stuff to really say anyways!

 On day 5 I sort of notice that I'm not seeing the bigger number drops like I was in the beginning of my first round, it was a little bit discouraging but I know that it's not going to be the same. I did have one slip up and ate a white chocolate reese's peanut butter cup :( "Aunt Flow" is in town and I have been craving chocolate like there's no tomorrow! That didn't seem to hurt anything yet because I was down 3.5 pounds the next morning!!!!!! I'm not sure how that is possible, I weighed myself 3 times to make sure, and it was right... I know it's crazy right?!? I won't be eating anymore chocolate though.

I'm also going to give this 30 day shred a shot again too, but only because I need to tone my legs and arms. Jillian Michaels does a lot of bottom, legs, core, and arm exercises in her video. I've been procrastinating on joining the YMCA, but maybe I will go today to I can just on in head first and get my workouts going strong. I was also thinking about taking a refresher swim class.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Days 3 & 4

Well, I fell asleep last night before I had the chance to post anything about day 3 so this morning I'm going to talk about days 3 & 4... SORRY!

Day 3 was very much a struggle for me trying to get back in the swing of things. I wanted to snack all day and found myself fight with my own thoughts, trying to rationalize a cheat. I did NOT cheat though, but more so because I was too lazy to leave the house and get something. Thank goodness I had nothing but healthy foods in the house! I was also thankful for that gum too since I almost chewed 1/2 a bottle to keep me occupied.

Day 4 was A LOT better for me. I didn't want to snack too much until around 7 PM, but I went and sliced up an apple to take care of that. I kept myself moving around for most of the day, but I didn't get in as much water as I know I need to. My goal is at least a gallon a day and I've only gotten in 1/2 to 3/4 of that these past few days.

Today I think I'm going to go find some chicken I can cook and look up some more seasonings I can mix to make my meat tasty! I also have to green beans to snap and asparagus to bake in the fridge, so I think those will be my veggies for today :) 

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Calorie countDOWN!

So, today is another new beginning! I don't know why I'm up so early but figured hey, why not start my day out right and BLOG!?

Yesterday I tried to start getting myself prepared for this journey again... I bought groceries, separated my meat into smaller portions to freeze, and thought about some possible meals for day 3. Prepping I think made my last 40 day round a little bit easier since all I would have to do is basically cook my food since everything was already cut or measured out. It's very helpful! One thing I hope I don't get this time is an injury, it was no t fun to have a bruised bottom during the last days of HCG...

My goals:
  1. Really hoping for the pound a day like anyone else, totaling a 40 pound loss.
  2. No cheating EVER!
  3. Preparing better for the maintenance phase (life).
  4. Do light weight training to tone the jiggles :)
  5. Try to come up with a better variety of meals to prevent food boredom.
I'm sure I'll make other goals along the way, but that's basically what I came up with yesterday. I know it's also going to be a challenge going back to work while potentially still doing my 40 days, but other people do A LOT MORE while working so I guess I'll be ok.

Well, wish me luck on day 3!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Round 2 Day 1!!!


I'm back for AT LEAST the next 40 days with y'all! Today is day 1 on my second 40 day round of HCG. At first I was scared to start again, but right now I'm pretty excited since I purchased some new products. This time I decided to give the vanilla meal replacement shake a try and 2 of the flavored gums. Oh yea, I'm also excited because I'm still seeing results from my last round! I went into American Eagle and purchased 2 pairs of jeans off the shelf instead of having to order a larger size from the internet!! YAY ME!

I know I need to set some new goals for this round, but haven't really sat down to think about what I want to accomplish besides more weight loss... My motivation comes from setting goals, so I know I need to do that quickly.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm still ALIVE!

Good morning ALL!

The past few weeks of my life have been VERY HECTIC! What was supposed to be at most a 2 day trip from TX to VA ended up lasting 4 long days... Fortunately it was for a good reason since my husband had secured a job before we left TX. We ended up stopping in pretty much every state to print, scan, fill out, and email his new hire paper work (TONS OF IT) at various UPS stores. Thank God they exist!

I have NOT yet started my 2nd round of HCG again, but just ordered another 40 day round of it today along with some of the gum and shakes. I'M PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT IT! I didn't eat healthy like I planned on my journey to the east coast, but I only jumped up 5 lbs and I've already lost 2 of them so I'm 250 right now. We did some grocery shopping today and I got some healthy things to get ready for this second round. I've been craving sweets so much lately and basically eating something good every day! I know that will change soon though since I'm trying to drop some more weight.

I'm not going to lie, this process is stressful and not perfect. By now I'm aware that every day is not going to go as planned and I will experience some hiccups along the way. As long as I recognize what's been done wrong and try to correct it I'll be ok.

Funny, I started writing this early in the morning and got side tracked. Good night y'all!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hotel Hades!

Good morning everyone, it's bright and early on Monday!

To keep y'all update, we haven't even left TX yet :( Nothing has really gone as we planned it to and Ive been super stressed out about it! Not to mention my husband was sick on Friday and Saturday, then I got sick on Sunday but I am feeling better this morning though.

We've been staying in a hotel since Wednesday and contrary to what most people may think, it is NO FUN! We have none of our belongings besides the few clothes we packed and my laptop, the internet here is so slow, we are confined to one little room, and we aren't eating home cooked meals! I have been struggling to eat what I'm supposed to... Yesterday I ate breakfast but that was it since I wasn't feeling well, the night before I have 2 slices of a meat lovers thin crust pizza and donuts, the day before that I had fried clam strips with french fries and mac & cheese! HORRIBLE, and I feel like poop because of it... It makes me feel so weighed down!

I haven't been on a scale Since Wednesday the 14th and am scared that I've put on some serious poundage... BUT hopefully if I correct what I've been doing starting today I'll end up okay. *Fingers crossed*

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Maintaining Well :)

Good morning all!

I just wanted to check in really fast with everyone and let you know how I'm doing. GREAT! Since I've lost those couple of pounds I gained after day 40 I have been maintaining just fine. One thing I did was increase my water intake which I think really does make a difference. It hasn't been hard staying active since we've been boxing, packing, and lifting items for the past few days. Also I try to keep a calorie count every day whether I'm spot on with my healthy eating or indulge in some candy.

You guys might not hear from me for at least a week, it's all depending on when we have our cable and internet set up. I will try my best not to take too long to update, as I'm sure our hotel rooms will have internet connections while we travel. So, you might get to hear about my trip and I'll be sure to post some pictures of my food choices and locations!

Enjoy your week, weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving if I don't post before then!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

9 Days of Maintenance

Hi everyone!

I know, I know, it's been a while since I've posted a blog. We've been super busy over here with 3 days left until we move out and 5 days until we hit the road to VA.

When I first started the maintenance round of HCG I started to fall into some old bad habits like eating too late, skipping breakfast, not working out some days, munching on candy here and there, and probably consuming too many carbs too fast. I was eating a sandwich I think every day with cheese on it, and I know for sure that I was not doing well with my water consumption. Don't worry, after seeing a couple pounds gained on the scale I SNAPPED BACK TO REALITY. I started focusing back on my goals, counting calories consistently, getting active, and drinking more water. I'm now a little lower then my day 40 weight so I'm happy and will keep up with what I'm doing. It's hard work, I'm not going to lie... I have to constantly think about my food choices and drag myself out to at least get some fresh air every day. There have been days where I really, really, really didn't want to!

We are going to be living on the 3rd floor in the apartment we're moving into, so that's going to be good for me. I'm also trying to find a job where I'm not going to be limited to sitting behind a desk all day, but that's kind of hard working in the banking industry. So, if all else fails I will just have to do something active on my breaks like walk the building.

I WILL be starting a 26 day round of HCG in exactly 13 days! While I hope to lose another 26 pounds in those days, I'm more realistically hoping for about 15 pounds which would put me at about 230 pounds. If that happens, I will also do a 3rd 40 day round to try and accomplish leaving the 200's behind me :)

Well this is the only update I have for now, I can't promise to post every day but I will try at least once or twice a week! Once I'm back on the HCG I will keep up with the blog every day.


Monday, November 5, 2012

It's going to take a while to find my groove!

Good morning! Today I woke up deciding to make sure I get in at least 2 hours of cardio and some strength training. I also decided that I will not be eating anymore cookies for now, even though it was only 2 that I ate a few days ago. For me it's like a process of elimination right now as far as foods goes and what does or doesn't agree with me. My whole plan is not to deprive myself from eating everything good, but just to eat well balanced meals AND exercise daily. The hard part is getting my lazy booty up right now and doing the things my mind is telling me I need to do. 

I have been using the iPhone app My Fitness Pal to track my calories and I find that it's very helpful. In the past I've gone to log a food item on the site, see how much my calories would jump, and most likely make a wiser food choice (not always)... I have noticed that within a few days I have gone up a few pounds, it's scary, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm needing to change about what I'm doing or eating to stop more from piling on (I'm at 249.2 right now). I don't want to wake up tomorrow and be in the 250's because I worked hard to get out of them, so I took my walks (with a weighted vest) today and have been staying active throughout the day. 

The food I eat hasn't changed much, I have started incorporating some carbohydrates in but only about 1 thing a day like the Flatout Flatbread I will use to make a sandwich. Maybe I've been skimping on my veggies, yes, I have HA... I'll fix that though and start loading up on the green stuff!

BTW, sorry for no pictures... My computer decided that it didn't want to load anything today no matter how many times I tried :(


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scared to be so FREE...

As we all know today is my first day not on a "diet." It's as scary as I thought it'd be, I'm paranoid that every little thing I eat will cause me to gain every pound back in a day! I did try something dumb last night and that was eating sushi again... It didn't go well, I was not able to eat it like I like to and I don't think I will be eating it again any time soon. The sauces on the Monster roll and Shaggy Dog were too sweet for me, the cream cheese in the Tigers Eye was too rich, the only one that wasn't too bad was the Spicy Crab roll but after 5 pieces total I was DONE and my husband had to eat 27 pieces by himself.

Since I tried something that I really wanted last night and it didn't work out well I got back on track quick. This morning I had cream of wheat for breakfast, 2 cookies for snack (I know, I know), veggie lasagna for lunch, a flatbread turkey sandwich with mixed berries for dinner, and carrots with hummus for a late snack. I also use the my fitness pal app on my iPhone to keep track of my calorie intake, I've been doing that for about a year now because it makes things a lot easier.

I don't think I'll be eating the lasagna anymore either, the cheese was too much for so that'll be fore my husband. I didn't know that some things I used to enjoy would taste so rich when I tried to eat them again. This kind of makes me frightened to try drinking milk again because it seems like dairy and sauces are giving me a little trouble right now. I guess consistency and having a schedule will be key to keeping this weight off.

Good Night!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Not what I wanted to see on DAY 40 :(

Good morning everyone! I wanted to thank y'all for sticking with my blog and giving me encouraging words when I needed them.

Of course since all the talk about weight last night and with the way I've been feeling lately (bloated), the first thing I did this morning was JUMP ON THE SCALE... Boy was I NOT ready for what I saw :( there was about a 2.6 pound GAIN (247.8) and I did not understand why at that time. I was so sad, but got over it quick because I knew I couldn't change it and I did everything I knew I was supposed to be doing (besides my pink starburst mishap lol). So all in all I've lost about 25 pounds on my first 40 day round of HCG, I can't complain about that!

After a couple of hours I decided to google about weight gain and that "time of the month." I was VERY relieved by many site I read stating the same things... A woman normally gain between 3-5 pounds during their cycle and retain lots of water! OMG, that's EXACTLY what's going on with me it's just too bad this had to start during my last days on HCG since I was hoping to end around 243 or lower. Oh-well I can't control the natural processes of the body!

This is just the beginning of my journey, so please stick around and see what's next for me!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Days 38 & 39 wrapped into one.

So yesterday was Halloween and I was so wrapped up in the fun, costumes, and candy that by the time the day was over I was exhausted and forgot to post anything. Now, I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I didn't have a piece of candy because I did BUT in my defense it was 1 tiny pink starburst (you can ask my husband)! :) That one starburst tasted like a RAINBOW in my mouth and I tried to make it last as long as possible.

After the hundreds of trick or treaters were gone (along with 700+ pieces of candy) we went out to practice my husbands parallel parking, which he has seemed to have perfected in about 4 hours of doing it. We got back home a little while after 10pm and "hit the hay" by 11pm. 

*WARNING* this portion may be an over share, but after 14 month with no visit from "Aunt Flow" she finally popped up and DAG ON IT I forgot how annoying she is!! I never really used to have any symptoms before from it and I don't know if it's old age but man... I think that's why I was craving steaks a few days ago and I was feel bloated a few days, oh well I guess it's the beauty of being a female! I also think she showed up because of the weight I lost so I guess I'll go ahead and keep it off. I'm kidding, I was going to keep it off anyway.

I'm hoping to be down tomorrow, darn I'm even hoping for a stall but what I don't want is to go up! I've been having a feeling all day, been getting on and off the scale, and drinking tons of water (extremely thirsty today) and I don't like what I'm seeing or feeling. I haven't eaten anything crazy so I don't know why I've put on so much weight during the day when I was a decent weight this morning. Maybe it's all the water I drank that has NOT seemed to have exited my body yet... Who knows? 

Well I'll see you all tomorrow on DAY 40 of part 1 of my journey!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last day with drops... Day 37

The high point of my day was when I went to find one of my belts to wear with my jeans that were falling off and the belt was too big too! I had to get a knife and make a new hole so it would be tight enough around my waist. I guess that means it's time to go shopping soon, well maybe for Black Friday.

A person who will remain nameless since I'm not sure if they read this blog or not really upset me today, they told me that it was about time I decided to lose weight! I felt like crying and choking them at the same time, and thought that was the EXACT REASON I didn't want to share this blog or tell people about my losing weight to begin with. It's crazy a 1 mean comment can ruin a day. After that remark was made I wanted to give up, I was emotional and felt like "eating my feelings!" Instead I got a piece of gum and CHEWED THE HECK OUT OF IT! I was (am) angry, I don't know what goes through people's minds sometimes when they talk...

Any-who, I'm not tying to dwell on the negative. I'm ready for a change, I'm not sure what it will be but something will be different. :)

Day 36

So day 36 was an okay day...  I was out running around and had a REALLY EARLY doctors appointment. My blood pressure had to be taken 3 times, the last time being with a done manually and getting the correct result of 120/80. The doctor told me I don't even have to come in for the 5th day because my four days of numbers didn't cause him any concerns. While I was there the doctor also had me get blood work done to check my thyroid and my hemoglobin A1C (sugar) both of which came back perfectly fine! 

Later in the day around 1pm I started not to feel so well, probably from the slight increase in my medicine that the doctor prescribed, so I ended up taking about a 3 hour nap. Even when I woke up I still felt groggy, tired, and weak! I was only up for a little while after that though, I even forgot to take my third drops and eat dinner. It didn't really matter because I felt a little nauseous anyways :(. My poor husband ended up going to bed early and missing dinner too because he was cramping up from his LOOOONNNGG run and trip into the sauna... He tried to be funny and flex his chest in the mirror and ended up screaming like a little girl because he caught a cramp in his peck instead lol!

That's all folks, that was my sad day 36!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 35 (R1P2D35) for all you HCG people!

Good afternoon y'all!

I had a very good day today starting with a loss on the scale for me. Also I was a little bit chipper since my tail bone was feeling better than it did yesterday, I looked forward to not cringing every time I was about to sit down!

For lunch I had steak, I had put an awesome rub on it and let it sit in the fridge over night. I normally avoided steak on this diet even though it was allowed because I more often then not over cook it and it ends up like a ROCK! Well today I decided to google the proper way to cook a steak so it's tender and juicy... OMG, BEST STEAK EVER made at home fore me. My husband ate a steak for a snack (lol, not lunch) and he ate 2 more on top of his 2 burgers with his dinner. I told him he was a fat boy in a skinny body eating all that food AND he has his last weigh in on Tuesday. If that was me I'd be watching everything I eat just to make sure I'm not over weight!

Today I was supposed to mow the lawn but my husband was kind enough to do it since I was in the back napping... THANK GOD because I really didn't want to do it :). He actually got a lot of exercise today since he ran around 10-12 miles this morning while I sorted through some of our stuff and put a lot in "file 13" (trash). I only have 5 more days left and I'm hoping for about 2-3 more pounds to be shed come day 40, I don't think that's too much to ask for. 

Enjoy your night every one!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 34.. K.I.S.S.

It's day 34 and I'm going to keep it sweet and simple since it's close to midnight and I'm tired! I had a very productive day preparing and freezing meals to eat once our household items are gone. The first thing I made were meatballs which I accidentally made two batches of so I ended up making veggie lasagna with thinly sliced zucchini instead of pasta. My husband wanted to try the lasagna so I let him and he said it was pretty good.

Top is mine, bottom is his!
Today was also grocery day as well which was a drag because my tail bone started hurting again today as soon as I opened my eyes! I think my husband bought every sweet in the store too... It was quite funny, he found a gelato by the ice cream and ate the whole pint right out of the container when we got home. He even had the nerve to complain that it was too small a portion!! I'll be surprised if he goes to sleep tonight, in fact he's grabbing a candy bar as I type this. He makes me laugh when he falls asleep eating candy in bed, when I try to move it he wakes up and swears he was still eating it! HAHA!

Ok, time to go to bed NIGHTY NIGHT NIGHT!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 33... Temptation almost got me!

Here it is day 33 and I would think that I wouldn't be craving or thinking about cheating this late in my journey, WRONG! Of course since we have Halloween candy in the house (hubby keeps it in the fridge) every time I got to get something out of the fridge there's all kinds of chocolates staring me in the face... :( Several times I thought about trying just 1 little piece, what would it hurt? It would mess up all my hard work, because if I ate one it probably would've turned into 10!

Today I also had my 3rd day of having my my blood pressure checked... The receptionists in this particular part of the hospital are so rude! Every time I've walked in they are talking about personal things and act like no one's even there until they are ready, half the time they don't speak up when talking to you, and there have also been times when they ask questions that is clearly right in front of their faces just to be difficult. Don't let me get started on the nurses, 95% of them are 10 times worse, but the one that I saw today is my favorite! So my pressure what excellent 117/72 (or 73 not sure).

After a not so great experience at the doctor's I was so excited to come home to a package I had been waiting for FOREVER it seems. I joined a site called Influenster months ago hoping to get samples of products that I wanted to try but not necessarily pay for before I tested them (a friend referred it). A HUGE box was in the mail way bigger than I could've imagined, I mean when I think of a sample I think of some small and trial sized. They sent me 3 large, full sized bottles of Palmolive and I can't wait to use them because they smell SO GOOD! I also get beauty sample from a site called Birchbox, there's nothing like being able to try products before you pay full price and find out you don't like it!

All in all my day was ok, y'all have a nice night!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 32


My day was pretty productive for the most part. I woke up early and completed 30 minutes on the treadmill, I keep it at a pace of 3.2 and incline of 5. After that I finished some school work to ensure that I get ahead and have nothing to worry about while we're moving. I still haven't measured myself for my day 30 weigh in so I think I'll just skip it and save it for day 40.

I went to the hospital and was there for about 2 hours trying to request a copy of all my medical records, pick up medication, and have my blood pressure checked. Once again my blood pressure was okay at 130/72, I'm continuing to hope for 3 more days of normal numbers. The nurse was so inappropriate with her conversation and aggravated me so much that I was sure my blood pressure was going to read through the roof, but it didn't.

Before I left the hospital I picked up 2 cookies for my husband since he's been trying to be so good with his eating lately. I thought he would eat one today and maybe save one for the weekend, but I think he practically inhaled them both! It's funny how I'm not even craving sweets when they are right in front of my face now, if anything they smell too sweet to me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 31

Today was my first day going back to the doctor to have my blood pressure checked. I really didn't want to go, but got up after a short name and drug myself to the hospital. Of course I ended up waiting about 45 minutes and as I set I found that I was getting frustrated, how long does it take for someone to come take my vitals? I knew I needed to calm down so I just closed my eyes and tried to steady my breath. When I finally got called back I was so nervous I just knew my numbers would be through the roof, but once again closed my eyes and tried to relax as the cuff was put on my arm. THANK GOD 121/73, it was so beautiful to see and the nurse even asked me why I was there with such good blood pressure... Well, I get to go back tomorrow!

My tail bone is feeling better right now, but I'm not getting my hopes up since the pain went away before and came back STRONGER than ever. I've just been trying make a conscious effort not to do anything that might aggravate it besides things I can't control like sitting.

OH OH!!! I just remembered, I was looking over the calendar and I realized I could fit a short 26 day round in that would start 2 days after Thanksgiving and 2 days before my anniversary! I'm excited about that, it's be a great way to end the year being that much closer to leaving the 200's behind me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update w/ Day 30

**OOPS I accidentally said day 40... I wish, it's only day 30!**

OH HAPPY DAY, only 10 more days left for my 1st round... At times it felt like I was starting the same day over and over again (in the beginning). I guess I'll start by telling y'all I am officially 247.7 pounds, and yea I know I only lost 3.1 pounds this last 10 days but I'm satisfied with it. I'm hoping for another 10 pound loss these last days on the diet, but we won't know if I'll get it until day 40...

This morning I had my doctors appointment and to my surprise my blood pressure was higher than I've ever seen it before, 138/92 I think... I can't imagine that it's anything but stress causing it, but the doctor is making me come in for the next 5 business days and have a nurse monitor it! Those 5 days will determine if she's going to put me on medicine for it or not, so I'm going to try to RELAX AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and maybe even do some yoga. Now about my tail bone... She says it is bruised and it might even be fractured but she won't know about the fracture until my x-rays come back in a few days. :( Either way I'm told there is nothing they can do except give me medicine to ease the pain while it heals. I was told no more reverse crunches EVER! Boy was I glad I had gotten my feet done and decided to shave before having to put on that lovely hospital gown for my x-rays!!!

On Facebook yesterday I posted a screen shot of my face in my day 3 video and the same for my day 29 video since I was wearing the same shirt. I couldn't believe how much smaller my face was, my mom said I looked like Mr. Peabody with my glasses lol! Hopefully my chest and stomach follow suit and start shrinking more and more.

Well I will check in with y'all tomorrow and keep hoping for the best for these last 10 days! I'm trying to drop BIG numbers these last days, and am working my hardest to do so. I've even already been on the treadmill for an hour today and plan on at least another 30 minutes tonight.

Monday, October 22, 2012

11 Days Left...MAYBE! Day 29 :)

Good evening everyone. I was down again today, but I haven't even been losing a pound with each loss this 10 days. No big though!

This morning I treated myself to a wonderful pedicure, it was much needed me time! I got to relax and not worry about anything for about an hour and I was even the only customer in the shop the WHOLE TIME. I even chose a bright red color that I would've never chosen in the past, I wanted something different. When I got home I even took a nice long nap because I had another rough night with my tail bone bothering me again. First thing this morning I did make an appointment for tomorrow at the hospital.

After my nap I searched online for some more recipes for after day 40 which is pretty time consuming copying, pasting, and saving all of them. I like to make sure I save a picture with each of them so I know exactly what it is. Lately I've been going back and forth trying to figure out if I want to add an extra 10 days to this diet or even do a second round in about a month... I'm not sure. I've been looking so forward to day 40 that I think I would end of cheating on day 41 any way and I also think I would end up having an extremely hard time doing another 40 days after a month break. My husband doesn't want me to do it again because he says I was cranky the first week of this round lol!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fully Committed for 28 days

This morning I was up and out the house at BLORA (Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area) for a 10 mile race my husband participated in, we were there by 7am. There were so many people out there participating from high school students to senior citizens. I'm proud of husband getting 22nd overall out of over 200 people and 8th in his age group for that run.

I'm down for the second day in a row and very happy about it. At lunch time I pre made meatballs and chili to freeze so I didn't have to defrost meat each day. Plus I bought tuna and finally found my SPICY BLACK BEAN BURGERS!!!!! Go me :) I went walking today on the treadmill, but felt a little bit bad for Omar because his back was aching after his race and he really wanted to walk outside with me... So for dinner I had tuna with lettuce and I talked my hubby into trying the HCG meatballs of course he had them on wheat noodles with some spaghetti sauce but he loved it. I can truly say that the meatball recipe is one I will continue to use after my 40 days.

My husband talked to me about my eating after this diet and voiced his concern telling me not to go overboard adding all the junk back to my diet. We both came up with a good idea (I think) to have one thing that I want to enjoy each day, but only eat one portion of it. Like if I want ice cream I can have it one time that day and if the portion size is a 1/2 cup, that's all I get to eat. Sounds like a good plan and we'll see how it turns out. The goal is to just not gain any of this weight back!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 27

Sorry I was feeling a little lazy tonight and didn't do a video or putting pictures... Nothing really interesting to share today though.

So guys, I finally saw movement on the scale this morning! YAY! Now if I could get down a few more pounds before day 30 I'll be very happy.

Today I was thinking about all the extra calories I'll be eating soon once off this diet. I started searching Pinterest for healthy meals and saving them to a folder on my desktop. It's going to be a HUGE deal for me to come up with a schedule of some sort and stay consistent. I know I'm going to keep cooking at home and planning my grocery lists to keep from compulsive food shopping.

Hopefully when we're settled into our new place I will meet some new people to work out with. There's a nice park with a trail and long stairs up a hill that would be a great FREE place to go and get a good sweat at! I'm sure I'll also be getting some exercise just from living on the 3rd floor!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 26 Some people IRK ME!

Hey y'all! I actually can't believe it's so close to the end of this portion of my weight loss journey, days 20-30 seem to be passing by pretty fast for me... Probably because I've been so busy lately, but I'm not complaining one bit!

It's funny, I've gotten some backlash for my losing weight with one particular person telling me that I'm trying to fit into what society wants me to be. All I can say is that they are full of *CRACKER JACKS* (my nice way of putting it)! I'm doing this for me, for my health, for my sanity, and for my family so they can go some where and SIT DOWN. What is the harm in my wanting to live a longer and more enjoyable life? Sure I could live to see the age of 90 or 100 but what's the use in that if I'm in a nursing home, or have had a limb amputated because of diabetes or another health problem!

Once again my reasons for weight loss are to prevent or slow down any health problems I might have later in life. I want to be able to enjoy doing simple things like riding a roller coaster or just walking through an amusement park without feeling winded all the time. Being over weight is NO FUN no matter what anyone may tell you, and I am just now starting to like the way I look in my own skin. I was always the one behind the camera because I didn't want what I looked like to be documented for everyone to see forever.

So, for anyone wanting or needing to lose weight you have to do it for yourself first or it's going to be a LONG and HARD road to travel. I think this is the easiest I've ever had losing weight and I don't feel like I'm torturing myself, all because I was finally really ready to do it and made goals for myself. Also I couldn't have done it without this blog and support of my family. It feels great to just put everything out in the open and not have to feel like I'm keeping everything to myself.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skipped Day 24... On to Day 25

Sorry y'all for skipping Day 24, I wasn't feeling well last night and just went to bed. I have my doctors appointment today to see what's going on with me though, hopefully it's nothing serious.  Not only am I having knee and tailbone pain, but my stomach gets a pain when I move certain ways too. I think last night I had the worst sleep ever, not only was I uncomfortable but I caught myself dreaming about buying hoodies... WEIRD! The strangest thing was that I was the only adult shopping for myself, the rest were shopping for their kids.
Day 25 started super early for me, another morning of being up before dawn... It was for a good reason though. Now I'm already super tired and know I'm going to be taking a nap once I get home from my appointment. I already have it all planned and can feel the pillow under my head as I type this lol! I know that once we move I'm going to need to find a job fast before our military health coverage runs out, I'm on too many medications to not have coverage! It would suck to run out of my thyroid pills and potentially gain every last one of these pounds back... No meds and exercise is like running in place; your feet are moving, but you're not going anywhere!
Once thing I haven't mentioned is how much younger I think I look with just the 20 pounds off. Before when I was close to 300 I felt like my face looked SUPER BLOATED, my eyes always looked half shut, and I looked like I was pushing 40. Some of the choices in clothes didn't help either because when you shop at larger stores sometimes I feel like the selection is towards senior citizens! NO BUENO! It's funny, my husband is always talking about "fit nation" which is his idea that he's going to get EVERYONE skinny and put all of the plus sized stores out of business... I told him to go for it HA!
Well y'all that's all for today, catch you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 23... 17 left and counting!

Howdy y'all!

I made a grocery run today mainly to look for my black bean burgers, but they were still not stocked. Maybe someone is buying them all as soon as they hit the freezer! Any-who... I ended up getting some veggie crumbles instead. Maybe I'll make myself a little taco salad tomorrow without the cheese, sour cream, guacamole, or taco shell!

While looking in the mirror this morning I could see that I've lost weight, but one thing that bugs me is my legs seem to be shrinking faster than any other part of my body. What's the deal with that?? Oh-well, I'll take what I can get I guess! I'm still doing the 30-Day shred along with some other strength training to ensure that I at least tone a little bit because I don't want one of those stomachs that I have to tuck into my pants like a shirt!!!

One negative to a floor exercise I'd been doing is I think I might have bruised my tail bone, because it's been hurting for about 3 days now. I'm going to call tomorrow and try to get it checked out because it's SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE! Plus, that would be a very unpleasant 22 hour drive back to VA if it really is bruised... I'm always getting hurt doing something simple. :( 

Today I finally gave away a pair of size 14 jeans I purchased from American Eagle my freshman year of college (about 9 years ago). I was wearing a 13 at that time so I figured they would fit, they didn't and I never returned them thinking I would lose the weight. HAHA, we see I didn't and I just couldn't let them go all of these years... Well, they are gone now and I know once I get back down that American Eagle will have other jeans that I like.