Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scared to be so FREE...

As we all know today is my first day not on a "diet." It's as scary as I thought it'd be, I'm paranoid that every little thing I eat will cause me to gain every pound back in a day! I did try something dumb last night and that was eating sushi again... It didn't go well, I was not able to eat it like I like to and I don't think I will be eating it again any time soon. The sauces on the Monster roll and Shaggy Dog were too sweet for me, the cream cheese in the Tigers Eye was too rich, the only one that wasn't too bad was the Spicy Crab roll but after 5 pieces total I was DONE and my husband had to eat 27 pieces by himself.

Since I tried something that I really wanted last night and it didn't work out well I got back on track quick. This morning I had cream of wheat for breakfast, 2 cookies for snack (I know, I know), veggie lasagna for lunch, a flatbread turkey sandwich with mixed berries for dinner, and carrots with hummus for a late snack. I also use the my fitness pal app on my iPhone to keep track of my calorie intake, I've been doing that for about a year now because it makes things a lot easier.

I don't think I'll be eating the lasagna anymore either, the cheese was too much for so that'll be fore my husband. I didn't know that some things I used to enjoy would taste so rich when I tried to eat them again. This kind of makes me frightened to try drinking milk again because it seems like dairy and sauces are giving me a little trouble right now. I guess consistency and having a schedule will be key to keeping this weight off.

Good Night!

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