Monday, November 19, 2012

Hotel Hades!

Good morning everyone, it's bright and early on Monday!

To keep y'all update, we haven't even left TX yet :( Nothing has really gone as we planned it to and Ive been super stressed out about it! Not to mention my husband was sick on Friday and Saturday, then I got sick on Sunday but I am feeling better this morning though.

We've been staying in a hotel since Wednesday and contrary to what most people may think, it is NO FUN! We have none of our belongings besides the few clothes we packed and my laptop, the internet here is so slow, we are confined to one little room, and we aren't eating home cooked meals! I have been struggling to eat what I'm supposed to... Yesterday I ate breakfast but that was it since I wasn't feeling well, the night before I have 2 slices of a meat lovers thin crust pizza and donuts, the day before that I had fried clam strips with french fries and mac & cheese! HORRIBLE, and I feel like poop because of it... It makes me feel so weighed down!

I haven't been on a scale Since Wednesday the 14th and am scared that I've put on some serious poundage... BUT hopefully if I correct what I've been doing starting today I'll end up okay. *Fingers crossed*

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