Writings 4rm My Heart

This piece is something I wrote in 10th grade when a close friend disclosed to me that they were contemplating suicide. I am happy to say that they are still alive raising a family of their own!


I wish I was there to kiss your face and wipe away your tears. Don't you know you're not alone, everyone has fears. If you are to end your life, you won't end the pain. The only thing is grieving people you will have to gain. Once it's done you can't go back, you can't erase the past. To a fiery hell you'll go and for eternity it will last. While on earth you can repent and God will forgive you, but once you leave this atmosphere don't say you never knew. I told you once, I told you twice an eternity is forever, you can look back all you want but going back is NEVER!


We go back to each other always and never start out new.
I just bounce from boy to boy while holding onto you.
People fall in love everyday but don't end up together,
I wonder if we're like them and if that'd be much better.
I cry at night thinking bad thoughts about what we could be soon,
if we'll be forever strong or living an eternity doomed.
I hate to think we'll be apart instead of being together.
But right now the way I feel, I want to be with you forever!

Winged Distraction

Funny how oblivious you are to reality
Even when it's spelled out and tight in your face you're too blind to see
The last drop of blood could be falling from my body and would you save me?


You never think how it's going to affect me
Sad thing is you believe you were keeping us together
This relationship has been an avalanche of destruction for so long
You're just there watching me fall, fall, and fall...
Will you catch me?


Don't worry
In the midst of falling I learned to fly
Bright beautiful wings so large they fill the sky
Faith, confidence, motivation, support through the roof
Now blocking your sun too bad you're too distracted to notice
Can you see me now?


All you see is green
Nothing but dead presidents fogs your mind
Will I be missed?


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