Friday, September 9, 2016

Days 19 - 21

Cast is totally annoying me
Total weight loss:12.7

This past week has been a roller coaster ride... I only walked Sunday, Monday, and one sad lap on  Thursday. 

Day 19:

I was totally out of it after surgery from being doped up on medication. Slept the whole day away! I did notice a 10 pound difference in the weight on my scale and the one at the hospital... I also have 2 scales at home and the one I don't regularly use is always 3 pounds lighter. My regular scale might be broken HAHA! I started using and will continue so my records remain consistent.

Day 20:

Yummy Pho
Not much better than the day before, just trying to get some food down. Pho for lunch and a sub for dinner... Squeezed out one lap around my neighborhood before I became too dizzy, but did get in a "Rock'n Body" workout earlier in the day.

Day 21:

My shadow since surgery
100% disappointed in the number on the scale and might be stretching this 26 days into 40 days. At this point I totally had 2 cupcakes today because I wanted them and it made me feel better after I hurt my arm twice.

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