Friday, September 2, 2016

Days 13

Soooo... Today was kind of horrible!

I work in a 3 person office usually, but this Thursday and Friday one lady is on vacation and the other had to end up off because her daughter is giving birth. Guess what that means (3 - 2 = 1) the loneliest number EVER, it's just me and a fill in manager. I got to do everything alone, no conversation, no music, just quiet my whole 9.5 hour work day. OH and NO LUNCH because there was no one to cover me, I had the privilege of surviving off of 2 cliff bars from my purse! No potty breaks either until 5 pm when our front doors got locked, so I was not able to drink tons of water either.

When I finally got home I felt dead and gone... I just wanted something to eat and to lay down! I grabbed the fastest thing which was a pack of oatmeal and scarfed that down, it was enough. A few weeks ago if I hadn't eaten all day, I would've ended up pigging out when I got home to compensate for my missed meals. I didn't do any walking today, just got some needed rest.

These quotes I decided to post sum it up in a nut shell... For me this journey is more mental than anything, fighting the urge to quit when when things get hard or I'm not seeing the results I want right away. I try to use this to learn new habits and break old ones which is not something that will happen immediately. I have to constantly remind and push myself to keep going, also lean on supportive family and friends when I really need help!

Oh gracious I almost forgot to say that I'm nearly out of drops... I've been using exactly what I'm supposed to and I think I have a day or two worth left in there. I guess I'll wing it when I run out since I have to stop taking them on Saturday anyway. WOOT WOOT for the 1/2 way point, only 13 more days to go this round, let's keep this momentum!

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