Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Days 9 & 10

Day 9:
Not too much excitement on day 9, except my husband talking me into eating at Captain George's. I agreed only if we ate strictly crab legs and nothing else. Needless to say, it was a horrible idea that had him apologizing at the end of the day. I continued with the walking and pushed for 3 miles and DID IT! There were so many people and families out there walking, on four wheelers, in golf carts, and with their pets which made it a great experience and not feel like working out.
My choice in shoes were terrible, I bought a cheap pair from the Nike outlet that rubbed the back of my heels for the first 2 miles until I couldn't take it anymore. I had to stop and change into some flimsy slides for the last mile, they weren't much better...
Day 10:
Today was particularly rough for me because I was very discouraged. It's been 2 days since I've seen any movement on the scale and 2 day since I've incorporated a little bit of cardio into my life. I'm not going to lie, I cried a little bit when I saw the exact same number on the scale these past few days... It's hard to keep my motivation when I'm not seeing results when it come to weight loss, it's easier for me to say "forget it" and just be comfortably uncomfortable eating foods that make me happy for the moment. Sad I know!
Unlike my younger self, I'm very open with my husband about my moods so he doesn't have to guess or get caught in the crossfire of a bad day. I let him know as soon as he walked in that I felt like quitting today, was really down, but still going to go walk at least 2 miles. He understood my frustrations, changed clothes, got the pup all harnessed and we went walking. For the whole 2 miles he cheered me on and had Bella getting pumped up for me which made me feel 10 times better.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Days 7 & 8

Day 7:

I'd have to say that I had an average work day, low stress...  I do know that since I had an early 2pm Friday, my water intake was poor and I was cramping up by the evening. Treated myself to a movie alone, no super buttery popcorn that used to be a mandatory staple to any moving outing. I went and saw Bad Moms at 2:25 in the afternoon and had a blast by myself. Two thumbs up for that movie! The bad thing about an early day is that I don't get a lunch break at work, so I didn't end up eating until around 7pm for the first time that day. YIKES!

Day 8:

Early morning, we packed up the car with all our beach gear and headed to Buckroe in Hampton, VA. The original plan was Virginia Beach, but we realized between traffic, finding parking, and the super crowded beach that we'd probably leave more stressed out than relaxed. I'd have to say we made a smart choice, it was the perfect Saturday!

Oh yea... My progress! As of the end of day 7 I'm down 8.5 pounds and I was totally not expecting such a high number, maybe half that. I haven't been doing any type of exercise so far and I was doing 6 miles a day on my 40 day round and only lost 25 pounds total.

Started walking last night because of an ice cream compromise I made with my husband HAHA! I was being a total brat and demanded some "that's how I roll" from Cold Stone Creamery. He told me 1 small cup for 2 laps around our neighborhood. I reluctantly agreed, but only made it around 1 time with a few extra culdesacs thrown in for the heck of it... We also had Chipotle (my fave place) for dinner but I was good and had a very plain salad with chicken, corn, and green salsa.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Days 5 & 6

Day 5:

Omar, Bella Blue, ME!
Still dealing with my BIG cookie craving... I've eaten a few cookies every day thus far and it doesn't seem to be affecting me yet. I know I can't continue eating them so it is my goal tomorrow to stay focused and drink water every time I have an urge to get a cookie, I know I can do it! The egg craving at night has continued for myself and my husband, that's been our dinner for the past 2 nights and I don't mind. Omar (that's my husband) has started eating a bit more food than me since he's been running and hitting the gym. As are most wives, I was right and told him to do so from the start lol...

Crockpot Chicken
Mentally I am feeling okay, I'm not as discouraged as I thought I would be when I posted my first video. I still haven't incorporated any type of exercise, but I'm okay with that for now because I think I need to focus on one task at a time.

Oh yea.. tonight in bed I did eat a few soft mints before going to sleep, the first time around I didn't have this problem with sweets! I bought some strawberries and put Truvia on them which seems to help.

Day 6: 

Meatballs, Broccoli, Water
I'm quite surprised by the new energy I've had these last two days, my coworker says that I can't seem to sit still. My office is very slow pace and some times we don't have any work for a 3 hour span. It really gets quite boring, will lead to snacking, and getting tired. On day 5 I figured, I'll just dance to the music and walk around. I know any one walking past the cameras got a good laugh!

1 Thumb up for these days
I been drinking a cup of sugarless coffee with one small cream each morning to hold me over until lunch because I have found that my stomach makes a lot of noise in the morning even when I'm not hungry... EMBARRASSING! So glad we have 2 Keurigs at work so I don't have to make a whole pot.

Proud to announce I made it through the day without eating a single cookie!!! There were several moments I had to tell myself "NO" (even out loud) to snap myself back on track, but I did it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Days 3 & 4

So, I've had an epiphany! 

I wasn't working the first time I did this whole "healthy lifestyle" thing, I didn't have the stress of work and fitting everything (meal prep or exercising) into an already hectic schedule... Day 4 I didn't want the buffalo chicken I had already prepped so I went ahead and made eggs with a very low sodium salsa instead which hit the spot and made me very happy! Of course since I was having that, my husband wanted it too but complained when he found out I used 3 egg white and 1 whole egg. He told me I should have given him 4 whole eggs and the extra yolks I didn't want in mine HAHA. I'm starting to suspect that some one else (my hubby) is starting to get cranky from his decrease in junk food.

The "cookie cabinet" at my office...
These first two days off loading I have had some major sweet cravings and I did indulge in 1 cookie each day which I ate VERY SLOW because I knew I couldn't afford one, let alone a second! I thought to myself, Heather get it together, what did you do on your successful round when you had a craving? Most of the time I would go for a walk in the neighborhood or even take a nap to occupy my mind since I wasn't really hungry. The only thing I can really do now is walk around my office when we're not busy...

Meal wise, I try to prepare a few days worth during the weekend so I don't slack during the week. I don't prepare too much so it won't spoil before we have a chance to eat it. With my water intake, I've been trying to get back up to the gallon a day I used to get in but it's hard and I'm getting bored with not having flavor. Today I added Mio into my 1/2 gallon (not sure if that's allowed) and that seemed to help a bit.

 I almost forgot to mention the horrible cramps I've now started getting in my right leg only at night when I'm trying to sleep. Not quite understanding it since I have been drinking more water than I was. It eventually goes away, it's still annoying though. 

I'll be posting my progress weekly on each Saturday since that's the day of the week that I started. Hope the rest of you ladies and gentlemen trying to get fit and healthy are continuing to do well.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 1 & 2

I must admit that I'm not going into this with as much optimism or positivity as I should. The last two failed attempts were a bit discouraging, I just didn't have the motivation like I did the first time around.

My motivation... These past few months I've heard stories of people loved ones and friends that are my again (early 30's) passing away from heart attacks or strokes, that's just plain frightening! Who's to say I couldn't be next?

Today my husband told me that he is in this with me, which made me very happy. My first round was done with him eating whatever he wanted around me like ice cream, candy bars, bread, and pasta... You name it and he probably ate it! So this time around I will have a buddy and be doubling the recipes, not to mention he will not be using drops. Also, my husband in in great shape already running an average of 10-15 miles daily and going to the gym (overachiever) lol.

We pigged out this weekend a little bit HA!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bigger is NOT always better

I'm back and BIGGER than EVER! I'm too old to keep starting over, so I'm trying to get it right this time around.

Stress and just life in general got the upper hand, so I'm trying to take my life, WEIGHT, and eating habits back. I want to feel 100% every day like I was before, I want to see my skin glow and hair shine from the good food I am eating.

Let's get this cracking! I'll post before pics and weight in a little bit, have a great day ALL!