Sunday, August 28, 2016

Days 7 & 8

Day 7:

I'd have to say that I had an average work day, low stress...  I do know that since I had an early 2pm Friday, my water intake was poor and I was cramping up by the evening. Treated myself to a movie alone, no super buttery popcorn that used to be a mandatory staple to any moving outing. I went and saw Bad Moms at 2:25 in the afternoon and had a blast by myself. Two thumbs up for that movie! The bad thing about an early day is that I don't get a lunch break at work, so I didn't end up eating until around 7pm for the first time that day. YIKES!

Day 8:

Early morning, we packed up the car with all our beach gear and headed to Buckroe in Hampton, VA. The original plan was Virginia Beach, but we realized between traffic, finding parking, and the super crowded beach that we'd probably leave more stressed out than relaxed. I'd have to say we made a smart choice, it was the perfect Saturday!

Oh yea... My progress! As of the end of day 7 I'm down 8.5 pounds and I was totally not expecting such a high number, maybe half that. I haven't been doing any type of exercise so far and I was doing 6 miles a day on my 40 day round and only lost 25 pounds total.

Started walking last night because of an ice cream compromise I made with my husband HAHA! I was being a total brat and demanded some "that's how I roll" from Cold Stone Creamery. He told me 1 small cup for 2 laps around our neighborhood. I reluctantly agreed, but only made it around 1 time with a few extra culdesacs thrown in for the heck of it... We also had Chipotle (my fave place) for dinner but I was good and had a very plain salad with chicken, corn, and green salsa.

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