Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 1 & 2

I must admit that I'm not going into this with as much optimism or positivity as I should. The last two failed attempts were a bit discouraging, I just didn't have the motivation like I did the first time around.

My motivation... These past few months I've heard stories of people loved ones and friends that are my again (early 30's) passing away from heart attacks or strokes, that's just plain frightening! Who's to say I couldn't be next?

Today my husband told me that he is in this with me, which made me very happy. My first round was done with him eating whatever he wanted around me like ice cream, candy bars, bread, and pasta... You name it and he probably ate it! So this time around I will have a buddy and be doubling the recipes, not to mention he will not be using drops. Also, my husband in in great shape already running an average of 10-15 miles daily and going to the gym (overachiever) lol.

We pigged out this weekend a little bit HA!