Friday, August 26, 2016

Days 5 & 6

Day 5:

Omar, Bella Blue, ME!
Still dealing with my BIG cookie craving... I've eaten a few cookies every day thus far and it doesn't seem to be affecting me yet. I know I can't continue eating them so it is my goal tomorrow to stay focused and drink water every time I have an urge to get a cookie, I know I can do it! The egg craving at night has continued for myself and my husband, that's been our dinner for the past 2 nights and I don't mind. Omar (that's my husband) has started eating a bit more food than me since he's been running and hitting the gym. As are most wives, I was right and told him to do so from the start lol...

Crockpot Chicken
Mentally I am feeling okay, I'm not as discouraged as I thought I would be when I posted my first video. I still haven't incorporated any type of exercise, but I'm okay with that for now because I think I need to focus on one task at a time.

Oh yea.. tonight in bed I did eat a few soft mints before going to sleep, the first time around I didn't have this problem with sweets! I bought some strawberries and put Truvia on them which seems to help.

Day 6: 

Meatballs, Broccoli, Water
I'm quite surprised by the new energy I've had these last two days, my coworker says that I can't seem to sit still. My office is very slow pace and some times we don't have any work for a 3 hour span. It really gets quite boring, will lead to snacking, and getting tired. On day 5 I figured, I'll just dance to the music and walk around. I know any one walking past the cameras got a good laugh!

1 Thumb up for these days
I been drinking a cup of sugarless coffee with one small cream each morning to hold me over until lunch because I have found that my stomach makes a lot of noise in the morning even when I'm not hungry... EMBARRASSING! So glad we have 2 Keurigs at work so I don't have to make a whole pot.

Proud to announce I made it through the day without eating a single cookie!!! There were several moments I had to tell myself "NO" (even out loud) to snap myself back on track, but I did it.


  1. The sweets struggle is real...but stick to your guns! Since I don't have sweets at home, it's easy but when I get to the office... Heck, I have 2 candy jars on MY desk and say it's for everyone else. Since one of them has candy I don't care for, I'm not tempted...yet.

  2. Mom, there are soft mints and the HUGE Sam's Club box of cookies that were purchased before we started eating right... Probably should've given it to our nephew when he was here. You've never really been a sweets or bread person anyway, me on the other hand! They are two of my FAVORITE things.