Friday, December 21, 2012

Days 9 & 10


There wasn't much to tell for days 9 and 10, so I just did a short video recap. I'm FINALLY 100% back on track for the past couple of days just in time to be challenged with a Christmas dinner in a few days! I've really been trying to make sure I get my gallon of water in since it keeps me full and is just healthy for me overall.

The hardest part for me doing round 2 of HCG hasn't been the diet itself, but not having my husband is a my BIGGEST support here to motivate me to keep going strong. This is where the emotional eating has come in since I'm having to adjust to something I have never dealt with... living alone! One thing I have realized though is that my family is just a phone call away if I need a pep talk or even just to hear a friendly voice. **They are also just a short drive away**

Last night I was a little down in the dumps again, but got an unexpected text from my big sis telling me that my nephews wanted to Skype with me. I didn't realize how much seeing their cute little faces would change my mood and perk me up so much! This really is what family is for, that shoulder to lean on when I need it the most. Thanks!!

* The colors are of the school my husband and I met at (NSU)*

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Days 7 & 8

I really need a reality check or to shake myself. Lately I've been in a little "funk" and can't seem to get out and it's affecting my progress. The past few days I have cheated here and there... on day 6 I had a gyro with EXTRA tzatziki sauce on it and on day 7 I had lots of sweet tea :( It's almost like I'm knowingly sabotaging myself! I know it's wrong before I do it, but at those moments I didn't care. Hopefully I will get in together in the next 4 days so I won't totally disappoint myself and everyone else with low numbers since I'm weighing in about 4 days.

These next few days I know I need to come up with some ideas to keep my mind occupied so I won't bee so down in the dumps all the time. The only good news I have is that I've gotten my water intake up. Another difference in moving is that I no longer have access to workout equipment for free and I'm kind of scared to walk around outside by myself now that I'm not on base. I keep saying I'm going to go join the gym but haven't done it yet. So, I guess I'll make that one of my top priorities today and to get in a workout.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Days 5 & 6

So, I keep falling asleep before I get the chance to blog at night... Oh well... I might have to just keep doing these 2 day reviews, it's not like I have a lot of stuff to really say anyways!

 On day 5 I sort of notice that I'm not seeing the bigger number drops like I was in the beginning of my first round, it was a little bit discouraging but I know that it's not going to be the same. I did have one slip up and ate a white chocolate reese's peanut butter cup :( "Aunt Flow" is in town and I have been craving chocolate like there's no tomorrow! That didn't seem to hurt anything yet because I was down 3.5 pounds the next morning!!!!!! I'm not sure how that is possible, I weighed myself 3 times to make sure, and it was right... I know it's crazy right?!? I won't be eating anymore chocolate though.

I'm also going to give this 30 day shred a shot again too, but only because I need to tone my legs and arms. Jillian Michaels does a lot of bottom, legs, core, and arm exercises in her video. I've been procrastinating on joining the YMCA, but maybe I will go today to I can just on in head first and get my workouts going strong. I was also thinking about taking a refresher swim class.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Days 3 & 4

Well, I fell asleep last night before I had the chance to post anything about day 3 so this morning I'm going to talk about days 3 & 4... SORRY!

Day 3 was very much a struggle for me trying to get back in the swing of things. I wanted to snack all day and found myself fight with my own thoughts, trying to rationalize a cheat. I did NOT cheat though, but more so because I was too lazy to leave the house and get something. Thank goodness I had nothing but healthy foods in the house! I was also thankful for that gum too since I almost chewed 1/2 a bottle to keep me occupied.

Day 4 was A LOT better for me. I didn't want to snack too much until around 7 PM, but I went and sliced up an apple to take care of that. I kept myself moving around for most of the day, but I didn't get in as much water as I know I need to. My goal is at least a gallon a day and I've only gotten in 1/2 to 3/4 of that these past few days.

Today I think I'm going to go find some chicken I can cook and look up some more seasonings I can mix to make my meat tasty! I also have to green beans to snap and asparagus to bake in the fridge, so I think those will be my veggies for today :) 

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Calorie countDOWN!

So, today is another new beginning! I don't know why I'm up so early but figured hey, why not start my day out right and BLOG!?

Yesterday I tried to start getting myself prepared for this journey again... I bought groceries, separated my meat into smaller portions to freeze, and thought about some possible meals for day 3. Prepping I think made my last 40 day round a little bit easier since all I would have to do is basically cook my food since everything was already cut or measured out. It's very helpful! One thing I hope I don't get this time is an injury, it was no t fun to have a bruised bottom during the last days of HCG...

My goals:
  1. Really hoping for the pound a day like anyone else, totaling a 40 pound loss.
  2. No cheating EVER!
  3. Preparing better for the maintenance phase (life).
  4. Do light weight training to tone the jiggles :)
  5. Try to come up with a better variety of meals to prevent food boredom.
I'm sure I'll make other goals along the way, but that's basically what I came up with yesterday. I know it's also going to be a challenge going back to work while potentially still doing my 40 days, but other people do A LOT MORE while working so I guess I'll be ok.

Well, wish me luck on day 3!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Round 2 Day 1!!!


I'm back for AT LEAST the next 40 days with y'all! Today is day 1 on my second 40 day round of HCG. At first I was scared to start again, but right now I'm pretty excited since I purchased some new products. This time I decided to give the vanilla meal replacement shake a try and 2 of the flavored gums. Oh yea, I'm also excited because I'm still seeing results from my last round! I went into American Eagle and purchased 2 pairs of jeans off the shelf instead of having to order a larger size from the internet!! YAY ME!

I know I need to set some new goals for this round, but haven't really sat down to think about what I want to accomplish besides more weight loss... My motivation comes from setting goals, so I know I need to do that quickly.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm still ALIVE!

Good morning ALL!

The past few weeks of my life have been VERY HECTIC! What was supposed to be at most a 2 day trip from TX to VA ended up lasting 4 long days... Fortunately it was for a good reason since my husband had secured a job before we left TX. We ended up stopping in pretty much every state to print, scan, fill out, and email his new hire paper work (TONS OF IT) at various UPS stores. Thank God they exist!

I have NOT yet started my 2nd round of HCG again, but just ordered another 40 day round of it today along with some of the gum and shakes. I'M PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT IT! I didn't eat healthy like I planned on my journey to the east coast, but I only jumped up 5 lbs and I've already lost 2 of them so I'm 250 right now. We did some grocery shopping today and I got some healthy things to get ready for this second round. I've been craving sweets so much lately and basically eating something good every day! I know that will change soon though since I'm trying to drop some more weight.

I'm not going to lie, this process is stressful and not perfect. By now I'm aware that every day is not going to go as planned and I will experience some hiccups along the way. As long as I recognize what's been done wrong and try to correct it I'll be ok.

Funny, I started writing this early in the morning and got side tracked. Good night y'all!