Thursday, September 15, 2016

Days 22 - 26

I'm just going to skip to what people really want to know and that's how much weight was lost...

I lost a total of  15.2 pounds! There's a long way to go still but I'm moving in the right direction. Now it's time to maintain for 10 days and then back to the strictness.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Days 19 - 21

Cast is totally annoying me
Total weight loss:12.7

This past week has been a roller coaster ride... I only walked Sunday, Monday, and one sad lap on  Thursday. 

Day 19:

I was totally out of it after surgery from being doped up on medication. Slept the whole day away! I did notice a 10 pound difference in the weight on my scale and the one at the hospital... I also have 2 scales at home and the one I don't regularly use is always 3 pounds lighter. My regular scale might be broken HAHA! I started using and will continue so my records remain consistent.

Day 20:

Yummy Pho
Not much better than the day before, just trying to get some food down. Pho for lunch and a sub for dinner... Squeezed out one lap around my neighborhood before I became too dizzy, but did get in a "Rock'n Body" workout earlier in the day.

Day 21:

My shadow since surgery
100% disappointed in the number on the scale and might be stretching this 26 days into 40 days. At this point I totally had 2 cupcakes today because I wanted them and it made me feel better after I hurt my arm twice.

Days 16 - 18

Day 16:
Veggie pizza w/ Cauliflower crust

Got on the scale that morning and was up a surprising 1.8 pounds, I wanted to scream! I hadn't been eating anything crazy but I haven't been taking drops... Nothing else has really changed.

Day 17:

Cajun shrimp w/ Cauliflower rice
No gain, no loss but I'm still wondering what is going on... I know between days 20 and 40 of my 40 day round I only lost a total of 5 additional pounds while dealing with a bunch of stalls. Maybe I've been incorporating some not so good things in that I think are good, not really sure.

Day 18:
Down almost 2 pounds, FINALLY! I did try two meal replacement shakes today since we were short staffed again and I didn't get a lunch break. I did Muscle Milk "genuine" flavor and Organic Protein "vanilla bean" flavor. Hands down, the Organic Protein was the best having the taste of a malt shake... Muscle Milk had a weird thickness and a Pepto-Bismol after taste. YUCK!

Randomly HUGE strawberry

Sorry I can't type much, I'm playing catch up on this blog after having surgery on my hand/wrist so I'm doing my best.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Days 14 & 15

Day 14:

It's weigh in time again, how exciting.. NOT! I just adore starting my Friday's with an anxiety attack, followed by a mini stroke! (J/P)

So I'm going to jump right on in and tell y'all that in 14 days I've lost 12.5 pounds... that's not too shabby, especially with some of the days I've had.

Today was another 9.5 hour day with no lunch break, all I a were a few grapes and strawberries. When I got home I decided that I wanted to try to make a cauliflower crust pizza. Had everything made, and went to cut the pizza but to my surprise the crust was stuck to the parchment paper. When I tell y'all I was mad, I mean it... I actually cried because I was so hungry and thinking about that darn pizza all day... BOO-HOO'D like a baby! After a few hours of feeling sorry for myself, my husband went and picked up a steak omelet for us from Waffle house.

Day 15:

To top off my bad ending to day 14, I woke up, weighed myself and saw a surprising GAIN on the scale... I just crawled back into bed because I couldn't even think about or deal with that fact at the moment... "Today is the day I help my baby sis move out of state, so it's not about me" I told myself! 

After helping pack a a truck and two cars, 4 of us made that 5.5-6 hour drive to PA and finally arrived around 5:30 in the evening. Now we just have to take another few hours to try to unload AND squeeze everything up the smallest 3 floors of steps I've ever seen in life! Due to my injury I wasn't able to assist in running up and down the step with too many items. I was manly in charge of making sure items were off the truck/ready to be taken up or pushed to the ramp of the truck for my dad and husband to carry. It took 4 HOURS of struggling with large items, removing a door, removing the door frame, and plenty of fluids!!! After the excitement of finishing I ate 2 fish fillets, YEP I said 2 and took the long drive back to VA getting home at 4am.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Days 13

Soooo... Today was kind of horrible!

I work in a 3 person office usually, but this Thursday and Friday one lady is on vacation and the other had to end up off because her daughter is giving birth. Guess what that means (3 - 2 = 1) the loneliest number EVER, it's just me and a fill in manager. I got to do everything alone, no conversation, no music, just quiet my whole 9.5 hour work day. OH and NO LUNCH because there was no one to cover me, I had the privilege of surviving off of 2 cliff bars from my purse! No potty breaks either until 5 pm when our front doors got locked, so I was not able to drink tons of water either.

When I finally got home I felt dead and gone... I just wanted something to eat and to lay down! I grabbed the fastest thing which was a pack of oatmeal and scarfed that down, it was enough. A few weeks ago if I hadn't eaten all day, I would've ended up pigging out when I got home to compensate for my missed meals. I didn't do any walking today, just got some needed rest.

These quotes I decided to post sum it up in a nut shell... For me this journey is more mental than anything, fighting the urge to quit when when things get hard or I'm not seeing the results I want right away. I try to use this to learn new habits and break old ones which is not something that will happen immediately. I have to constantly remind and push myself to keep going, also lean on supportive family and friends when I really need help!

Oh gracious I almost forgot to say that I'm nearly out of drops... I've been using exactly what I'm supposed to and I think I have a day or two worth left in there. I guess I'll wing it when I run out since I have to stop taking them on Saturday anyway. WOOT WOOT for the 1/2 way point, only 13 more days to go this round, let's keep this momentum!