Friday, September 9, 2016

Days 16 - 18

Day 16:
Veggie pizza w/ Cauliflower crust

Got on the scale that morning and was up a surprising 1.8 pounds, I wanted to scream! I hadn't been eating anything crazy but I haven't been taking drops... Nothing else has really changed.

Day 17:

Cajun shrimp w/ Cauliflower rice
No gain, no loss but I'm still wondering what is going on... I know between days 20 and 40 of my 40 day round I only lost a total of 5 additional pounds while dealing with a bunch of stalls. Maybe I've been incorporating some not so good things in that I think are good, not really sure.

Day 18:
Down almost 2 pounds, FINALLY! I did try two meal replacement shakes today since we were short staffed again and I didn't get a lunch break. I did Muscle Milk "genuine" flavor and Organic Protein "vanilla bean" flavor. Hands down, the Organic Protein was the best having the taste of a malt shake... Muscle Milk had a weird thickness and a Pepto-Bismol after taste. YUCK!

Randomly HUGE strawberry

Sorry I can't type much, I'm playing catch up on this blog after having surgery on my hand/wrist so I'm doing my best.

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