Monday, December 10, 2012

Round 2 Day 1!!!


I'm back for AT LEAST the next 40 days with y'all! Today is day 1 on my second 40 day round of HCG. At first I was scared to start again, but right now I'm pretty excited since I purchased some new products. This time I decided to give the vanilla meal replacement shake a try and 2 of the flavored gums. Oh yea, I'm also excited because I'm still seeing results from my last round! I went into American Eagle and purchased 2 pairs of jeans off the shelf instead of having to order a larger size from the internet!! YAY ME!

I know I need to set some new goals for this round, but haven't really sat down to think about what I want to accomplish besides more weight loss... My motivation comes from setting goals, so I know I need to do that quickly.

Wish me luck!

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