Thursday, November 1, 2012

Days 38 & 39 wrapped into one.

So yesterday was Halloween and I was so wrapped up in the fun, costumes, and candy that by the time the day was over I was exhausted and forgot to post anything. Now, I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I didn't have a piece of candy because I did BUT in my defense it was 1 tiny pink starburst (you can ask my husband)! :) That one starburst tasted like a RAINBOW in my mouth and I tried to make it last as long as possible.

After the hundreds of trick or treaters were gone (along with 700+ pieces of candy) we went out to practice my husbands parallel parking, which he has seemed to have perfected in about 4 hours of doing it. We got back home a little while after 10pm and "hit the hay" by 11pm. 

*WARNING* this portion may be an over share, but after 14 month with no visit from "Aunt Flow" she finally popped up and DAG ON IT I forgot how annoying she is!! I never really used to have any symptoms before from it and I don't know if it's old age but man... I think that's why I was craving steaks a few days ago and I was feel bloated a few days, oh well I guess it's the beauty of being a female! I also think she showed up because of the weight I lost so I guess I'll go ahead and keep it off. I'm kidding, I was going to keep it off anyway.

I'm hoping to be down tomorrow, darn I'm even hoping for a stall but what I don't want is to go up! I've been having a feeling all day, been getting on and off the scale, and drinking tons of water (extremely thirsty today) and I don't like what I'm seeing or feeling. I haven't eaten anything crazy so I don't know why I've put on so much weight during the day when I was a decent weight this morning. Maybe it's all the water I drank that has NOT seemed to have exited my body yet... Who knows? 

Well I'll see you all tomorrow on DAY 40 of part 1 of my journey!!!

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