Friday, November 2, 2012

Not what I wanted to see on DAY 40 :(

Good morning everyone! I wanted to thank y'all for sticking with my blog and giving me encouraging words when I needed them.

Of course since all the talk about weight last night and with the way I've been feeling lately (bloated), the first thing I did this morning was JUMP ON THE SCALE... Boy was I NOT ready for what I saw :( there was about a 2.6 pound GAIN (247.8) and I did not understand why at that time. I was so sad, but got over it quick because I knew I couldn't change it and I did everything I knew I was supposed to be doing (besides my pink starburst mishap lol). So all in all I've lost about 25 pounds on my first 40 day round of HCG, I can't complain about that!

After a couple of hours I decided to google about weight gain and that "time of the month." I was VERY relieved by many site I read stating the same things... A woman normally gain between 3-5 pounds during their cycle and retain lots of water! OMG, that's EXACTLY what's going on with me it's just too bad this had to start during my last days on HCG since I was hoping to end around 243 or lower. Oh-well I can't control the natural processes of the body!

This is just the beginning of my journey, so please stick around and see what's next for me!

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