Monday, October 22, 2012

11 Days Left...MAYBE! Day 29 :)

Good evening everyone. I was down again today, but I haven't even been losing a pound with each loss this 10 days. No big though!

This morning I treated myself to a wonderful pedicure, it was much needed me time! I got to relax and not worry about anything for about an hour and I was even the only customer in the shop the WHOLE TIME. I even chose a bright red color that I would've never chosen in the past, I wanted something different. When I got home I even took a nice long nap because I had another rough night with my tail bone bothering me again. First thing this morning I did make an appointment for tomorrow at the hospital.

After my nap I searched online for some more recipes for after day 40 which is pretty time consuming copying, pasting, and saving all of them. I like to make sure I save a picture with each of them so I know exactly what it is. Lately I've been going back and forth trying to figure out if I want to add an extra 10 days to this diet or even do a second round in about a month... I'm not sure. I've been looking so forward to day 40 that I think I would end of cheating on day 41 any way and I also think I would end up having an extremely hard time doing another 40 days after a month break. My husband doesn't want me to do it again because he says I was cranky the first week of this round lol!


  1. My second round was incredibly difficult. But I'm down 25 more pounds after it. Two days in Round three is easier than two. It's a tough choice. I really enjoy Phase 3. So does my boyfriend haha.

  2. I'm thinking about doing a second round, but after the holidays are over. With Christmas and my anniversary both in December it would be impossible for me to stay true to the diet at that time! So, I'll probably be all cliche with the 2nd round starting on January 1st lol.