Thursday, October 4, 2012

11 Days Committed

Man, oh man! Yesterday on day 10 I had a few tests, one making it through my whole workout and the other was going to Walmart and not buying ANY junk food. Well I passed both! I went in Walmart determined just to get what I came in for, which has never happened before for me. Normally I get there, forget what I came for, purchase some junk, and leave for a clothing store to shop... lol, bad I know. Yesterday I made a list to ensure I wouldn't forget, threw all of it in the basket and headed for the check out. OMG, I forgot this is where the candy is! I snapped a quick picture and looked away suddenly eyeing a chapstick I wanted, so I threw it in the basket as a little reward to myself. I think I did quite well.

My first day of the "30 Day Shred" was harder than I had remembered it to be. I had to stop A LOT, but caught my breath and kept going until the end. This morning was no different, maybe even more of a challenge because my legs and arms were sore from yesterdays workout. :( 

Oh, I almost forgot to tell y'all that I found this awesome recipe for apple chips. Wait, wait, wait let me tell y'all why I was looking for it in the first place. So, my husband said he wants us to go to the movies to see "Taken 2" early on Friday since he's off... My thoughts were "oh man, no popcorn, candy, or ice cream... this will be a drag!" Then the BIG light bulb went off in my head, what about those apple chips you can buy in the store? I knew there had to be some kind of recipe for them on the internet so I could smuggle them in my "big purse" to the movies HA! Eureka, I FOUND IT! The site is called "A Beautiful Mess" and if you click that link it will take you right to the apple chips I will be attempting for the movies! It doesn't take much to make me happy!

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