Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 8

Wish me luck and hope I don't fall or pass out!!!

May I just say that I'm SO GLAD that day 7 has ended!!! For me it seemed to last forever and that wasn't a good thing since I was stressed beyond belief.  Several times I wanted to grab a cookie or another bread/dough covered item. It didn't help at all when my husband decided to deep fry some Lumpia **mouth watering** and eat ALL 13 of them right beside me with the sweet and sour sauce I love so much! I feel bad now, but I really felt like attacking him for that food! I ended up just going in the kitchen and making myself some Cajun shrimp on a HUGE bed of spring mix lettuce and my vinegar dressing. I wasn't happy, but I was satisfied.

Since I had been craving sweets all day I looked forward to the fruit portion of my meals (snack time). I especially was looking forward to my fruit after dinner, I had already planned out my apple sliced into a million tiny slivers… The last apple in the fridge and it was mine, I washed it, patted it dry, and even had my bowl out. Too bad when I sliced it open the center was rotten, I literally almost cried! No, I've never cried over an apple before but it had been on my mind for a few hours by then… I just shook my head, tossed the apple, and grabbed the last of my strawberries. Now all I have left in my fruit drawer for the week are a few oranges and that troublesome grapefruit I was avoiding, OH-Well!

Since it ended up being another overcast day I just stayed inside doing homework while my husband watched sports all day. Today my plan is to go to the free Zumba class so I can spice up my cardio instead of just walking all the time, that gets kind of boring even when it's outside.


  1. The stalker is back! How was zumba? & girl you made it through the week! Great job!!!!!!

  2. I didn't make it to Zumba... Ended up mowing the grass at the same time the class was taking place :( It had to be done though!