Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skipped Day 24... On to Day 25

Sorry y'all for skipping Day 24, I wasn't feeling well last night and just went to bed. I have my doctors appointment today to see what's going on with me though, hopefully it's nothing serious.  Not only am I having knee and tailbone pain, but my stomach gets a pain when I move certain ways too. I think last night I had the worst sleep ever, not only was I uncomfortable but I caught myself dreaming about buying hoodies... WEIRD! The strangest thing was that I was the only adult shopping for myself, the rest were shopping for their kids.
Day 25 started super early for me, another morning of being up before dawn... It was for a good reason though. Now I'm already super tired and know I'm going to be taking a nap once I get home from my appointment. I already have it all planned and can feel the pillow under my head as I type this lol! I know that once we move I'm going to need to find a job fast before our military health coverage runs out, I'm on too many medications to not have coverage! It would suck to run out of my thyroid pills and potentially gain every last one of these pounds back... No meds and exercise is like running in place; your feet are moving, but you're not going anywhere!
Once thing I haven't mentioned is how much younger I think I look with just the 20 pounds off. Before when I was close to 300 I felt like my face looked SUPER BLOATED, my eyes always looked half shut, and I looked like I was pushing 40. Some of the choices in clothes didn't help either because when you shop at larger stores sometimes I feel like the selection is towards senior citizens! NO BUENO! It's funny, my husband is always talking about "fit nation" which is his idea that he's going to get EVERYONE skinny and put all of the plus sized stores out of business... I told him to go for it HA!
Well y'all that's all for today, catch you tomorrow!

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