Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 33... Temptation almost got me!

Here it is day 33 and I would think that I wouldn't be craving or thinking about cheating this late in my journey, WRONG! Of course since we have Halloween candy in the house (hubby keeps it in the fridge) every time I got to get something out of the fridge there's all kinds of chocolates staring me in the face... :( Several times I thought about trying just 1 little piece, what would it hurt? It would mess up all my hard work, because if I ate one it probably would've turned into 10!

Today I also had my 3rd day of having my my blood pressure checked... The receptionists in this particular part of the hospital are so rude! Every time I've walked in they are talking about personal things and act like no one's even there until they are ready, half the time they don't speak up when talking to you, and there have also been times when they ask questions that is clearly right in front of their faces just to be difficult. Don't let me get started on the nurses, 95% of them are 10 times worse, but the one that I saw today is my favorite! So my pressure what excellent 117/72 (or 73 not sure).

After a not so great experience at the doctor's I was so excited to come home to a package I had been waiting for FOREVER it seems. I joined a site called Influenster months ago hoping to get samples of products that I wanted to try but not necessarily pay for before I tested them (a friend referred it). A HUGE box was in the mail way bigger than I could've imagined, I mean when I think of a sample I think of some small and trial sized. They sent me 3 large, full sized bottles of Palmolive and I can't wait to use them because they smell SO GOOD! I also get beauty sample from a site called Birchbox, there's nothing like being able to try products before you pay full price and find out you don't like it!

All in all my day was ok, y'all have a nice night!

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