Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 21

Today I realized that I've had a lot of days where I either stalled or barely lost 1 pound... Funny thing is, I'm finally not frustrated about it. It's out of my control!

I've been up on my feet all day packing boxes, doing laundry, sorting papers, and whatever else to get ready to move in exactly 32 days. I'm so excited about it, ready to be back on the east coast with my friends and family but not too excited about the job hunt my husband and I will be continuing. One thing I started thinking about was how to get in exercise while we're on our 2 day trek across the US. I was thinking it was impossible, but then remembered my husband doing push up and sit ups at every rest stop the last time we made this trip. I just laughed and video taped him before, but looks like I might be right along with him this time. Maybe I'll just walk around the rest area... If my dad comes out to drive back with us, scratch all that because we're driving straight through!

Today I had a salad for both for lunch and dinner, the first one with tuna and the last one just a lot of veggies. I wasn't really in the mood for meat, plus the veggie patty I made (tried a new brand) came out like cardboard... YUCK! I just threw it away, hopefully on my next grocery trip they will have the brand I like in stock.

The first week of this journey was pretty though trying to get used to not eating all of the sweets and other junk, but now these eating habits have become routine. One weird thing that has been happening to me is when I smell some fried food or sweets being baked it makes me feel a little bit sick at times. My husband and I walked past a Popeye's one night and I had to pick up the pace to get away from the smell! Then today my husband was heating up a corn dog in the microwave and I had to spray air freshener in the kitchen so I wouldn't gag. Some things just don't seem appealing to me right now I guess.


  1. what brand veggie burgers do you like? i wanted to try them.


  2. I like Morning Star, I don't even know what brand I bought this time...