Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 27

Sorry I was feeling a little lazy tonight and didn't do a video or putting pictures... Nothing really interesting to share today though.

So guys, I finally saw movement on the scale this morning! YAY! Now if I could get down a few more pounds before day 30 I'll be very happy.

Today I was thinking about all the extra calories I'll be eating soon once off this diet. I started searching Pinterest for healthy meals and saving them to a folder on my desktop. It's going to be a HUGE deal for me to come up with a schedule of some sort and stay consistent. I know I'm going to keep cooking at home and planning my grocery lists to keep from compulsive food shopping.

Hopefully when we're settled into our new place I will meet some new people to work out with. There's a nice park with a trail and long stairs up a hill that would be a great FREE place to go and get a good sweat at! I'm sure I'll also be getting some exercise just from living on the 3rd floor!

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