Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 16... Vaguely Familiar!

Morning y'all!

Here I was worried about Day 15 and it's Day 16 that's starting out troublesome! I basically sailed through yesterday with no problems. Omar and I got out there and walked about 4.5 miles last night, I felt good until the last mile when my right knee started giving me some trouble. I was hesitant to make an appointment for it, but did... I'm sure the doctor will just tell me to lose weight, which is what I'm already doing. Oh-well, better safe than sorry RIGHT.

Yesterday for lunch I made stuffed tomatoes, I just used the taco seasoning on my meat and put that in the tomatoes. I also crushed up the wassa cracker and sprinkled it on top before putting it all in the oven. On the side I sliced up an apple too. THANK GOODNESS once it was done I didn't like the tomato because when I counted the calories with the tomato it came up to a whopping 400!!!! That is RIDICULOUSNESS! I guess certain things should not be mixed together on this diet like apples, beef, and roma tomatoes since they are all higher than some of the other foods in calories. Dinner I decided would be a light since lunch was pretty hearty. I had a boca burger and my spinach chips and that was just enough for me.

Today it's hard, but I have to keep my chin up once again just like Day 13 when the scale turned its back on me. In a way I can't wait until this is all over so I can just worry about maintaining and toning my body. There have been plenty of hard days and I'm not even half way through yet. Sometimes I get to the point where I start thinking, "why am I even putting in this hard work..." It's devastating when result don't reflect accordingly. I'm not quitting, I'm just going to push through knowing I have many more days to go and I CAN prove the scale wrong!

Happy Day 16 people :)


  1. 3 more days and we get an update!

    -stalker stalker!

  2. Yes you do! Hopefully I can get down a little bit more before then :/ If I don't, oh-well!