Friday, October 12, 2012


What a total and utter DISASTER today was!

Once again my day started earlier than I wanted it to AND I planned on being super productive to ensure I met my goal weight by tomorrow... Seems like my plans didn't matter!

After I dropped my husband at work I took our car in to replace all the tires and get an oil change, THAT'S IT. I arrived at my appointment time which was 9:15 am and they got to work right away. Too bad they realized they didn't have my tires in stock and had to order them, so I had to sit and wait for them to arrive. That wasn't too bad, what's an hour wait... I could do that. The tires arrived, but while we waited the mechanics did some routine checkups and said I needed an alignment which wouldn't take long. I told them to go ahead and knock it out! I waited and 12pm rolled around, I was sure I'd be leaving in the next half hour. I waited some more and 2pm was approaching, so I asked what was going on. BOY DID I OPEN CAN OF WORMS! Some bolts were stripped on my car and every time they tried to lower it on the lift some "parts" under my car would shift, they tried to order the bolts but NO ONE HAD THEM IN STOCK! I got the alignment for free, but didn't get home until 6pm.

Today I was just so frustrated, angry, sad, and tired! I don't know how many time I cried because I was hungry or frustrated... I hadn't eaten all day long and only had 2 bottles of water which I drank by 10:30 am. I had my mind set on cheating, I had even told my husband I wanted a stuffed crust meat lovers pizza when I got home. :( Of course he told me not to do it, but I was mad and didn't want to hear his opinion. He walked all the way up to the shop from his job to come comfort me, it didn't really help because we were still stuck there.

When we finally got home, out of curiosity I wanted to know what I weighed.. I was sure I had lost like 10 lbs (exaggeration) from this morning from being starved! I got on the scale and I was up a pound! How could that be? I was devastated, and threw myself on the bed in tears! I just felt like I couldn't catch a break today. So for dinner I DID NOT eat pizza, instead I returned to Chipotle and ate a salad with chicken and salsa. It gave me the satisfaction of eating out because I was emotional, but I made a healthy choice while doing it. I hope I do not have any repeats of today, because I just couldn't handle it again!

Good night everyone, see you tomorrow (Day 20) for my weigh in!

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