Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 14... Closing in on the 1/2 way point!

Good afternoon to you all!

Today the scale was in a good mood and granted my wish for lower numbers, but that didn't stop me from getting out there and walking this morning. I want to ensure I'm giving it my ALL to decrease my chances of a repeat of Day 13! My husband and I kept it moving and made it 3.5 miles, him with 30 pounds of extra weight on his back.

Yesterday was also our "grocery day" so we got a few items, his was mostly junk as usual lol. I am just realizing how long meat is lasting in the house now that I am only eating 100 grams per meal, yesterday I only purchased 1 steak to make it through the rest of next week. So the grocery bill has decreased each week it seems! One thing I want to change is the fact that I find myself eating some version of the chili recipe almost every day, it's tasty but getting old. I would love it if anyone could give me any other HCG approved recipes they have.

One meal was switched up a little bit because I purchased Boca burgers, I didn't even realize that they were in the book and was happy for a change in food. In the grocery store I did linger a little while in one of my old favorite sections, COOKIES!!! Man do I miss them, but I can do without for now... Cookies were one of my "go to" snacks throughout the day. Bad I know.

Well I will see y'alls lovely faces (not really) on Day 15!


  1. I thought you were just weighing in every 10days? Why are you getting on there everyday? I thought that wasnt good. Different things go on with your body (water weight, etc) so dont get discouraged, but stay off that scale!!!

    your stalker!

  2. I weigh myself everyday, but I only share my results every 10 days. Weighing everyday is part of the way the diet works, I have to track my progress along with the food I drink. It's a good way to see what food might not be working for me and to catch any stalls or gains I have. :) Stepping on that scale no matter what HA! Hopefully it likes me tomorrow too..