Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*Drum roll* Day 10!!!

Woo-Hoo, we made it to day 10 everyone!
I have have lost 11.1 lbs in 10 days :)

Yesterday I started the day feeling calm and sure about my weight loss progress UNTIL later in the evening when a bloated feeling took over! I got a little worried that I would see a gain in the morning.

Today in my video I talked about being discouraged a few days when stepping on the scale. Here are a few things that I found I can control to help see bigger numbers.

  1. Be more active
  2. Stop separating my fruit from meals/ Schedule meals better
  3. Increase my water intake/ Drink consistently throughout the day
  4. Do compound exercises to burn more during workouts

Another thing I wanted to share were some thingsI have learned from this HCG diet so far.

  1. Water is very important
  2. Healthy eating CAN taste AWESOME
  3. Multi vitamins are important to take no matter what
I decided to change from sharing progress every 5 days to every 10 days, it seemed more logical to me. The measurements to the right are from day 1, I will update them on day 20 and then again on day 40. Once again, thank you all for the love and support!


  1. WOW! you did great! cant wait to see the next 10 days. i can actually see a difference in the two pictures you took. who would have thought 11 lbs would really make a difference. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

    oh, are you going to tell us your goal weight/ how many lbs you'd like to lose total?

    ps-looking good girl!

  2. I'm hoping to lose at least another 20 lbs with these last 30 days, but 30 lbs would be GREAT! My goal right now is to reach 215 lbs, but I'm sure once I get there I'll set a new one. Thanks for the compliment :)