Monday, October 15, 2012

22 Days In

Good evening every one!

I don't think I can stress enough how ready I am to see day 40 come and go... I'm so ready to go back to eating the amount of calories I was before (about 1460). This might be part of the reason I'm tired all the time, low calories plus doing to much is tiring me out.

Tomorrow I need to check the grocery store and see if they have MY spicy black bean burgers... I'm not really feeling meat right now, just been munching on A LOT of veggies. I know I need the protein in my diet though so I am going to get it somewhere.

There's been one thing on my mind lately, and it's been about how hard it will be to maintain my new weight. I've heard so many horror stories (true, maybe not) about how people gained every pound back PLUS MORE. I think I'd be pretty devastated if that happened to me. Then I think about how fast people on the Biggest Loser lose weight and most of them maintain it for years after and I'm a at ease. It's a rational fear though, especially since I've lost weight before and gain it all back plus some before.

Have a great night people!


  1. day 40 will be here before you know it! look at what day you are on today!! thats closer to 40 than zero...dont worry about gaining your weight back. your not losing it for nothing so when your about to make a "bad" eating decision you wont. plus when you buy all those cute new clothes you wont make a bad eating decision.

  2. I just have to find some good recipes that are healthy, hopefully that will keep me from wanting to eat out all the time. I need to find a gym in the area, or just a park close by that has a trail or something.