Monday, October 8, 2012

The Curse of Day 15... BE GONE!

Hello, is it me you're looking for? HAHAHA!

Just playing you guys. :) Welcome to my dreaded Day 15, where I quit the first go round on HCG. Don't worry because that won't happen this time! Also please forgive me for not doing a video today, I know y'all are going to miss seeing my face. :(

Today I wanted to start by showing where I came from on my weight loss journey (struggle). My loss wasn't all done through HCG, but this portion which seems to be the hardest is. I felt like every time I got down to 265 pounds my loss would stop and I'd just fluctuate between that weight and 270 pounds. So I was SUPER excited when I was finally in the 250's! I shake my head when I look at pictures and see how big I'd let myself get...

On Day 14 my husband and I got out there and walked a total of almost 6 miles. It was quite therapeutic, we got to talk and enjoy the very cold fall air. After a while I would forget that my legs were tired or that we were taking the walk for a reason. My husband has become super supportive and maybe even MORE excited than me about my weight loss. He's been telling me every day about the physical changes he sees. I have noticed I've been in better moods, have less headaches, and just the overall feeling of less weight on my body is AWESOMENESS! :)

What I have to say to Day 15 is BE AFRAID, you won't stop me this time! I'm ready to fight the fat and keep on my journey FULL SPEED AHEAD. I really doubt anything or anybody will stop me this time, my mind is matching my efforts now and that's what I think I was missing all along. This is not just a physical change for me, I knew I would need to change the way I think about food. So far, yes I have occasional cravings but they don't seem to be as intense making me leave rooms or not watch a favorite show. All I can say is I hope this keeps up!

Happy Columbus Day!


  1. i can def see weight loss in the pictures you posted. im sure looking back you can see it too! thats real good your husband is being more supportive and complimenting you. probably makes you want to do an extra lap, huh? take care!!

    -stalker status

  2. HAHA about that extra lap, NOPE! Lol, it feels good when anybody notices hard work. :)