Saturday, October 6, 2012

Frustrating Day 13

This morning started off bad! I woke as usual excited to see what kind of numerical present the scale was going to give me... I must have ticked it off yesterday because it showed a gain, not a even a pound, but it was still a gain none the less! Of course I thought it HAD TO BE A GLITCH, so I stepped off and tried again. DUH Heather, it's the same EXACT number. :( Frustrated and angry I crawled back into bed for a while but realized that wasn't the way to confront the problem. I can't lose weight just sitting in bed, so I threw on my workout clothes, tied up my tennis shoe, and hopped myself right on the treadmill. Today, I'm giving it my all and working my body until I darn near collapse... If I'm not sweating blood, then I'm going to be ok! (I'm just saying) No more deviating and eating outside of the house for me.

Now that I've vented a little bit, Day 12 was a success at the movies. No, I didn't have my snacks but I was fine because "Taken 2" had all of my attention. Before it started I did find myself scheming on how to attack people for their popcorn or candy lol, but no one was harmed!

After that my husband and I headed to the local H.E.B. for some steamed crab legs to take home and eat. I was tempted to dunk my meat into the hot melted butter as I ALWAYS did, but told myself NO! I made it through the meal without a single drop of butter and realized I never truly knew how good the meat was until then.

Today I know it's going to take everything I have to stay encouraged and continue doing what I know is right. I had in my mind that I would get through my whole 40 days without a gain or stall in my weight. It wasn't realist for me to think that, and I learned the hard way when I stepped on that scale. I'm going to keep pushing on and try to smile even though I feel like crying!

Hoping for better results tomorrow... Have a great day everyone!

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