Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sassy Day 7

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Today in the video portion of my blog, I will be addressing some questions I have been asked so far during my journey. I had to do a little bit of thinking for some of them, but I enjoyed answering them.

Yesterday I was very lucky and didn't experience any cravings! Woo-Hoo :) I'm still struggling with my water for now, so I'm very much looking forward to the arrival of my "Fruits & Vegetables 2Go.”

I cruised around little Killeen, TX with my husband looking for a place that repairs belts. After stopping at 4 different places we FINALLY found one. I skipped bowling but did fit in another round on the treadmill later—which put me to sleep soon after.

My lunch and dinner on day 6 are now a couple of my FAVORITES! I made the "mock shake n' bake" and "chili." They were way better than I could've (and did) imagine them to be. One thing I did was add a few drops of hot sauce in my chili since I like it with a little BAM! I also think I like the Wassa cracker over the Melba toast.

Here's the blog that inspired me My Triumph!

Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments; I thoroughly enjoy reading or answering them! I'm looking forward to day 10 when I do my "mini reveal!"

**Edited by: Lynnette T. Hyde**

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  1. Hi! Do you post your recipes anywhere? I know this post was from a long way back. I'm just starting the set and struggling to find recipes.