Friday, September 28, 2012

Fabulous Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 Everyone!

I don't know if I'm confusing anyone but myself by posting a day behind? I could probably solve that problem by posting later in the day, but I feel kind of refreshed by getting everything from the previous day posted early in the morning!

Let's start off with my progress so far! I will NOT post my weight every day. I think that's a bit much. I have decided to post in 5 day intervals. On Day 1 I weighed 270.0 lbs., but after 2 days of loading I gained another 2.6 lbs. (272.6)! So, here it is the beginning of day 5 and I weigh 266.4 lbs.! That's a loss of 6.2 lbs. since Day 3, not too shabby (if I say so myself).

I have noticed a few things since I changed my eating habits. At night about once a week I was experiencing acid reflux. It’s gone now, but then there was the bloated/full feeling I would have by the end of the day. That is no longer a problem either (water helps). I am now able to sleep soundly at night!  Most of all, I don't feel guilty at the end of the day, thinking maybe I should have eaten less calories or tried to exercise a little bit more to burn off some of the calories that I did eat.

Well, on Day 4 I did have one craving, and I have my nephew Alex to thank for that, HA! Alex was sick the night before, so I decided to call and check up on him, and he informed me that he was eating Cheetos!  YUM! My FAVE snack! I told him that I wish I could eat some too. He kindly said he would save some for me… Awwww. I told that little cutie to just go ahead and enjoy them for me. So, time rolls by, and its lunch time, I go into my kitchen to cook my already prepped lunch, and what do I see on top of the fridge?! A LARGE BAG OF CHEETOS! Needless to say, I resisted that temptation and went ahead with my meal. My husband needs to go ahead and finish them off so I don't have to look at them every day.

I must say that the one thing that's hard about eating right is having someone that lives with you who doesn't. I am constantly reminded of all the tasty, junky, foods that I am not AND will not be eating. They all seem extremely appealing right now, especially since I'm depriving myself of them at this time.

Last night was another challenge. I ate dinner WAY TOO EARLY. This caused me to desire to munch later in the day. I dealt with that by playing some online games and "hitting the hay" earlier than usual. That was to my own benefit! I got some extra sleep and was happy, and rejuvenated this morning.

Thanks for stopping in. Don’t forget to post comments below! Maybe you can share some of your own struggles, and what got you through them!

Wishing Everyone an eventful day, and don’t forget to MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

****Shout out to my big sis Stephanie Imperial for editing this blog for me****


  1. 6.2 lbs is great! :) I'm so glad you started your blog. I constantly crave chips. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

  2. I was wondering why your water was so blue in the other vid! Lol

    Yeah, I've had stuff like that happen to me, where I think I bought a health food product and...guess again! Packaging can be so deceitful at times!

    Btw, I'm trying to up my water intake myself. How do you know how much to drink?

  3. Thank you Lowery for visiting my blog, it's GREATLY appreciated!

  4. Steph, I buy the gallon water in the store and drink at least 1 of those a day. You can also buy reusable water bottles and refill those :)

  5. I am new to the HCG diet and found your blog after I read Lowery's! I am starting at your first blog (2012) and reading it all the way to the last post. I find it a great motivation reading other peoples successes and struggles!