Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 6 WILL be better…Right?

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.... NOT haha, nothing but rain!

I'm very sad to have to share with you all that Day 5 had some less than Fabulous moments. I will say that those moments that were fabulous went above, and beyond, my expectations! Read on!

I started my day early since I was well rested. The thing is, began feeling a bit drained within a few hours, not to mention my throat felt a tad sore. I attribute that to the changing whether here in TX. One day it's in the 90s and the next it's overcast and in the 70s! So, needless to say, I alternated between the bed and the couch, only moving for the restroom, food, and water.

As I expected, I struggled with water consumption all day long! I chugged the majority of my water around 6 p.m. just to leave myself with a small quantity to make it until bed time. Honestly, I felt sick from drinking so much water, or maybe it's some kind of psychosomatic problem? Lol. It's not like water tastes nasty, or anything! …UNLESS IT'S BECAUSE IT’S FROM THE TAP!? Let’s hope not.

I chose to eat lunch around 1p.m. because fruit was included in the recipe for that meal. Orange Ginger Chicken…mmmmm. It did not disappoint! Next time I make this recipe, I won't add the orange pieces, just the orange juice. Dinner was at 7 p.m. because today was Grocery Day…Oh, how I was NOT looking forward to it! As soon as I walked in I saw candy, and other sweets, for the upcoming holidays :(. It’s okay Everybody. I made it through an hour unscathed. How did I do it, you might ask? I kept myself distracted (and entertained) by pretending to be the paparazzi, snapping pictures of my husband, and his food choices. He just laughed at me.

Last night I didn't even want to watch Food Network, everything looked so good, it made my mouth water. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, the hit show with Guy Feiri, is probably one of my favorites to watch at night, but I had to change the channel. I was sad about it, until we found out that Criminal Minds was on.

 Day 6 Goals:
·       Get out, and get active!
·       Tighten up on water consumption (water is my friend).
·       Come up with daily activities I can do outside of the home.

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  1. Heeey! Guess who!?!?! Well I decided to get up here and look over your blog. Im glad you are doing this. Not only will it help you stay focused and on track, but you can help others. I KNOW from watching you work out that once you get going there is no stopping you! Continue to do well and Im looking forward to seeing the "new" Heather when you return to VA!!!

  2. Omg, stalker status lol! Thanks for visiting my blog and I know you'll be keeping a close eye on my progress. Ready to hang out real soon, can't wait!