Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 4 and SUPER excited!

Last night I had a hard time sleeping, but the sand man finally paid me a visit around midnight... 

One thing I was reminded of while drinking all of that water yesterday is just how much it makes you visit the restroom… SHEESH, I felt like I was going every 5 minutes sometimes! Throughout the day I wasn't hungry much, the water seemed to keep me pretty full until around 4:30pm. At that point I tried to hold out for a while since I didn't want to eat dinner too soon. A little while after at 5:15pm I took my HCG drops and started heating up my meatballs and asparagus which were ready close to 6pm. Let's just say I wolfed that plate down so fast I don't even remember how it taste!

All through the day there were times I felt kind of anxious or excited, I don't know if it was because I knew I'll be making great changes or maybe some affects from the drops. I'm not too worried about it though (: At 7:30pm I ate my half a grapefruit which I was kind of frustrated about! I have never had such a hard time trying to get the "good stuff" out of the peel, this was even though I had cut it. Eventually I got fed up, squeezed a little bit of juice out of it, and threw the rest away! Let's just say that grapefruit will no longer be on my shopping list from now on. OH, and I ate my strawberries for my snack after lunch instead because the were CALLING me HAHA!

So, this morning I got up and decided I was going to get some fresh air after dropping my husband off at work. We have a nice track here on base that circles a HUGE playground down the street from my neighborhood (makes me jealous I'm not a kid anymore)... While I don't remember how many times I walked around it, I was using my fun little iPhone app called "Runkeeper" so I know it wasn't quite a mile. As you can see I did work up a little bit of a sweat though.

Day 1: 270 lbs
Yesterday I left out some information and pictures of the beginning of this journey for me. I wasn't going to post any until I had lost some weight, but after much consideration I decided that I've already put myself out there so why not give y'all 100%! Looking at the picture to the left I am glad no one is seeing where I was 25 pounds ago, it was a tragedy. 

Right now my plan is to try and keep myself busy, not thinking about how far I have to go. I can only take it one day at a time and this is day 4! I'm sure there will be more struggles,cravings, lazy days, and other events that try to derail me from this phase of my life BUT with this blog and the support of my family/friends I'm sure I will get through each one of them no matter how tough they might be. So, thank you all ahead of time!

 I said day 1 was a breeze, I meant to say day 3 OOOPS that's my mistake!

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