Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sheesh, this is so hard...


Today was another day, BUT so is tomorrow!! I'm so looking forward to tomorrow because today wasn't the best... Even when I mess up on my eating I make sure to get in exercise at least 5 days a week, I get kind of (well REALLY) lazy on the weekends though. I've been doing 100-300 squats, 50 push ups *girl style*, crunches, and strength training every day Monday through Friday. Although I can't see a difference my husband says he can in the pictures I send him and encourages me to keep up the good work. Even though he still supports my efforts from so far away it's not the same as having him here to workout with me.

One thing I think I'm going to start doing is making a menu, I'm willing to try anything to keep me on track with eating healthy. I found that I buy random healthy things but don't really think about how I'm going to turn them into meals. Also I haven't been pre making my meals in the mornings like I used to and I know that it helped me before so I need to start taking that initiative in the mornings again. Overall I just need a plan and to put it in motion!

I just have to keep pushing and starting new each day if that's what it takes to achieve my goals!

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