Sunday, August 24, 2014

Feels like an uphill battle!

So, not much to say here EXCEPT I've been messing up these past months... maybe even past year! I've not only fallen off "the wagon," mine is kind of missing in action HAHA. Well in all seriousness I'm back on here and with HCG because these are the two things that I can say have honestly worked for me. Blogging has become an outlet for me and alos a way for me to keep family and friends updated on my progress. It's a way for people to reach out, give me advice, motivate me, and offer kind words when things might not be going so well on this long journey.

Tomorrow August 25th I will be starting HCG *again*... It feels like the first time, feels like the very first time!! Not only am I making that change, I'm also taking 5 classes so I can finish up my degree. Not sure what I've gotten myself into but I'm pretty sure I'm going to rock out this semester!


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  1. You can definitely do did it before successfully and I'm confident you can do it again! PMA--Positive Mental Attitude--keep it!!!