Thursday, February 7, 2013

Days 4 & 5 were sick!

Hello all!

I'm finishing day 5 up right now and still not feeling 100%, but am feeling better than before. So far I'm very happy with the meals I've been fixing and at night I haven't been hungry. It's probably because on day 4 I had 117 ounces of water and tonight I had 120 ounces. To ensure I get my water in I've been mixing 5 ounces of zero calorie vitamin water with about 19 ounces of water, it's makes it easier for me to tolerate.

Tonight I skipped making what I had on my menu but had a meal replacement shake, I wasn't hungry but knew I needed to put something in my stomach. I have to say the meal replacement shake is a good "go to" for nights like this :) I told myself I was going to be active but since I haven't been feeling well I haven't done much but lay around for the past few days. Tomorrow I have every intention of getting up and doing 30-60 minutes of cardio, we'll see how that goes though.

A few days about I was at the nail shop getting my mani/pedi on and Katie Couric's talk show came on. Topic of the day was stress and Goldie Hawn was one of the guest, my interest was immediately peaked since I love them both and I STAY stressing about EVERYTHING! Here are some tips I took away from the show about how to lower stress:

  1. Take a deep breath - Calms your mind and gives you perspective. Also it releases endorphins in your body giving you a sense of well being.
  2. Shout it out - Remove yourself from the situation and let it out in private, this way you don direct misdirect your frustration.
  3. Visualize a peaceful place - A mini mental vacation can put you in a happy place.
  4. Turn on your favorite tune - Music helps act as a distraction, at the same time helping us explore our emotions.
  5. Peel an orange - Aromatherapy is a great stress reliever, so take a whiff of the citrus as you are peeling it.
  6. Pet your pooch - According to the National Center for Infectious Diseases, spending time with your pet can decrease blood pressure.
  7. Clean your desk - Physical clutter can reflect what is going on inside. 
Hope everyone tries to stay stress free and has a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks, I think I just have a little cold... It's nothing too serious.