Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update w/ Day 30

**OOPS I accidentally said day 40... I wish, it's only day 30!**

OH HAPPY DAY, only 10 more days left for my 1st round... At times it felt like I was starting the same day over and over again (in the beginning). I guess I'll start by telling y'all I am officially 247.7 pounds, and yea I know I only lost 3.1 pounds this last 10 days but I'm satisfied with it. I'm hoping for another 10 pound loss these last days on the diet, but we won't know if I'll get it until day 40...

This morning I had my doctors appointment and to my surprise my blood pressure was higher than I've ever seen it before, 138/92 I think... I can't imagine that it's anything but stress causing it, but the doctor is making me come in for the next 5 business days and have a nurse monitor it! Those 5 days will determine if she's going to put me on medicine for it or not, so I'm going to try to RELAX AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and maybe even do some yoga. Now about my tail bone... She says it is bruised and it might even be fractured but she won't know about the fracture until my x-rays come back in a few days. :( Either way I'm told there is nothing they can do except give me medicine to ease the pain while it heals. I was told no more reverse crunches EVER! Boy was I glad I had gotten my feet done and decided to shave before having to put on that lovely hospital gown for my x-rays!!!

On Facebook yesterday I posted a screen shot of my face in my day 3 video and the same for my day 29 video since I was wearing the same shirt. I couldn't believe how much smaller my face was, my mom said I looked like Mr. Peabody with my glasses lol! Hopefully my chest and stomach follow suit and start shrinking more and more.

Well I will check in with y'all tomorrow and keep hoping for the best for these last 10 days! I'm trying to drop BIG numbers these last days, and am working my hardest to do so. I've even already been on the treadmill for an hour today and plan on at least another 30 minutes tonight.


  1. You look great. I lost 40 pounds by doing two rounds.im nw in my third round.How were you able to do a 30 day. I did 26 day on r1 and 14on r2. what keeps you going?

  2. Thank you! What keeps me going is seeing the changes in my body, not just the loss of inches but being able to rest more peacefully at night. I don't have acid reflux now, and I definitely don't miss feeling bloated all the time. Good luck on your round 3, I'm going to try another 40 day round after the holidays!